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Hello, CAC friends! It’s finally time to set aside Canada Arts Connect and move on to something new-ish.  On July 1, 2015, CAC will become bohemianizm. The CAC website will stay as-is as an archive, but will no longer be updated.  Thank you all for your support and interest over the […]

Canada Arts Connect is “Rebranding” as bohemianizm

Are you looking for some online poetry-based fun, games, and learning opportunities for your kids? Check out Giggle Poetry! The website for children has… Poetry Fun – “Learn everything you need to know to become a “Giggle Poet!” The easy-to-follow instructions on this page will have you up and writing funny poems […]

Giggle Poetry: A Website of Poetry Fun for Kids

As an artist, you need a website that will properly reflect you as a creative professional and feature your work in the best way possible. In order to do that, artists need to include the proper elements and information on their website. And what are those? Check out below! Here are […]

5 Things Every Artist Should Include on their Website (and ...