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Artistic Fusion is a Canada Arts Connect Magazine original column that looks at Canadian arts companies who are blending genres, styles and media in their work and exploring what is unleashed when those artistic boundaries are broken. In this installment, we talked to actor, writer, and painter Bruce Horak, who […]

Artistic Fusion: Bruce Horak and Assassinating Thomson

With 15 years experience being creative with acrylics and working in publishing, Anne Wanda Tessier discovered the fine art of printmaking and now uses it to spread positivity. Based in Ottawa, Anne is a frequent traveler, seeking out different press studios around the world to explore and work in. Her […]

Anne Wanda Tessier’s ‘Complimentary’ Typographic Prints

It’s been a while everyone, and I thought I would come back with a bang instead of a whimper. You’re going to have to bear with me as I let my inner geek out in its full glory though, as much of this article stemmed from recent happenings in my […]

The Writer’s Block Issue 4: Staying True to Your Own ...

Cara Spooner and Alicia Grant step up for Savage. Savage: Cult of Personality, Pure Media + The Art of Macho Madness opens on Saturday November 12 at White House Studios in Toronto at 7pm. In addition to visual art, videos, and song, the show will also feature a live dance […]

Toronto Dancers Get Savage for Upcoming Tribute

The Web Though print magazines seem to be a dying medium I feel the need to argue that perhaps comics and art in the print medium art still alive and very much kicking, they have just had to change some. The growing technical prowess of the everyman in the realms […]

The Web, Print and Beyond: Artists & Artwork at Fan ...

I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to meet with a private art collector who happens to be one of North America’s top private collectors of the art of Sunny Choi. This individual does not wish to be named, because of his modest nature and the value of his […]

An Intimate Experience with the Art of Sunny Choi

So much of the art we see is a fully finished product, something that’s been whittled and shaped through many iterations. It’s most obvious when we think of the editing that goes into writing, or the production behind recorded music, but it happens visually as well. In some ways, the […]

Works in progress

On March 18, 2011 something horrible happened in my city. It’s something that many, including myself, took for granted would never occur. For those who live in Guelph or went to University here, the Canadiana/Begging Bear statue that resides in front of the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre has become a […]

Destruction vs. Art: The Case of the Begging Bear

A large white tent at the corner of the Quartiers des Festivals was the place to be in the Montreal arts community this past weekend. The Association des galeries d’art contemporain (AGAC) hosted their fourth fair for contemporary art on paper under a great white tent, showcasing works by over […]

Gorging on art at Montreal’s Papier 11

For me, art critiques are kinda like putting your heart and soul on display for everyone to see and judge. If it goes well, I am elated, confident, energized…. If it goes poorly, I am crushed and find myself dramatically indulging in feelings of anger and hurt. Or maybe I am just […]

Critiquing the Critique