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September 8, 1952 – CBC Television launches in a night that The Globe and Mail reviewed as “cluttered but promising.” Broadcasting from a studio in Toronto, a nervous and excited team of journalists and entertainers offers the first evening’s entertainment. Canadians laugh at a three-puppet sketch featuring the eccentric character Uncle Chichimus. […]

Today in Canadian Art History: CBC Television Debuts [includes video]

This past Sunday was the Emmy awards, the American equivalent of Canada’s Gemini awards (see how I made Canada the primary focus? Huh?), and as any avid television lover would do, I watched the telecast. I don’t say this lightly: I love television. I’d watched ninety percent of the programs […]

Hockey Night Lights: A Canadian Television Dream

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Fan Expo. I had always wanted to attend ComicCon or PAX, but what is a Canadian boy to do when he doesn’t have the luxury, or cash, to travel into the states for comics and gaming. Enter Fan Expo Canada, a convention that […]

Nerdgasm: My Experience at Fan Expo Canada

While your first impulse as producer or filmmaker may be to throw a screener at every festival that happens to be accepting submissions; there should be a method to the madness. 1. First, isolate the festivals that feature similar releases.  This works especially in favour of genre films (i.e. submitting […]

Choosing the Right Festivals for Your Project

The opportunities to make a screen (film/TV/digital production) projects are innumerable… when considering independent productions.  In fact, you could say that it is never-ending and ever-expanding because as long as there are Joe Blow’s and Jane Friday’s willing to make a project there will always be “work”.  That being said […]

Tips for Filmmakers: Building a Strong Foundation