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When Chris Hadfield became the first Canadian to command a space mission on the International Space Station, he used social media to bring the rest of the world along with him. Now, continuing the adventure, ABC will attempt to turn Hadfield’s book “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” into a […]

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield is Getting an ABC Sitcom Pilot

Ello logo
Ello is the latest social networking site to sweep across the web and Art F City has deemed it the “first…truly artist-friendly” platform. This is the first social media site we’ve seen that’s truly artist-friendly. That’s in large part due to the design. … it features stark black text with vast swaths […]

Hello Ello: New Social Media Site Being Called the “First ...

If you’re a poet or poetry-lover in Canada and active on social media, then you’ll definitely want to follow the lively community on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Here is a list of Canadian poetry accounts you should being following on Twitter and Facebook: The League of Canadian Poets Twitter: […]

Canadian Poetry Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter and Facebook

In the second part of my interview with celebrated sci-fi/fantasy author Nalo Hopkinson (find part one of the interview here) we talked at length about the creative process around her latest novel, the Toronto-based fantasy bildungsroman Sister Mine. We also discuss the merits of writers having a social media platform, the […]

URBAN/Intersection: Interview with Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author Nalo Hopkinson (Part 2)

The use of social media for professionals has been pretty well covered over the last year or two. However, most articles are written focusing on social media for the business owners point of view, rather than an artist. While we as artists can use some of the advice given to […]

Shameless Self-Promotion: Artists and Social Media

Last week, I wrote a post about how politicians are using Social Media (for the most part, badly). This week, I wanted to focus on how regular folks (and artists) are using social media to influence the vote, or at the very least, to get people out to vote. Voter […]

How Artists Are Using Social Media to Influence the Vote