We’re launching another new section here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine: Reviews! We’ll be giving you our opinions on books, albums, shows, and anything else creative that pops up across this country of ours. Reviews will appear Thursdays here on the magazine, so be sure to watch out for them! […]

Introducing CAC Reviews!

I’ll confess to a certain feeling of ennui when it comes to poetry magazines.  Even when stocked with good poets, these collections tend toward the bland and predictable. Imagine my surprise, then, when I stumbled upon a collection rife with a rare intelligence and sophistication: the Arc Poetry Annual 2011.  […]

Arc Poetry Annual 2011: Poet as art thief – A ...

Azam Ali continues to mesmerize listeners with her rich vocals and lush, rhythmic melodies on her third solo release. The aptly-titled From Night to the Edge of Day is actually an album of lullabies recorded for Ali’s son Iman, who was born in 2008. It’s a reassuring dirge, a gesture […]

Azam Ali – From Night to the Edge of Day

If you have a love for books and the Canadian lit scene, then you’ll definitely not want to miss the brand new Book Madam Magazine! Lead by the Book Madam herself, Julie Wilson, and bringing together a team of contributors as well as various literary projects, the site will be a hub […]

Book Madam & Associates Introduce Book Madam Magazine

Are you interested in a successful career in the music industry? Then you most definitely need to pick up All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Seventh Edition by Donald Passman. A prominent entertainment lawyer and veteran of the music business, Passman navigates the essentials of this drastically […]

Review: “All You Need to Know About the Music Business: ...