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Hello, CAC friends! It’s finally time to set aside Canada Arts Connect and move on to something new-ish.  On July 1, 2015, CAC will become bohemianizm. The CAC website will stay as-is as an archive, but will no longer be updated.  Thank you all for your support and interest over the […]

Canada Arts Connect is “Rebranding” as bohemianizm

Check out You and Me from You+Me, the project from Alecia Moore (P!nk) and Dallas Green (City and Colour). Website: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud:

New Canadian Music Monday: You and Me by You+Me – ...

If you’re looking for some new music to start your week, then check out “I’m Not Pretending” from Toronto’s The Good Boys. By nurturing the sounds and aesthetics of early innovators like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, The Good Boys celebrate a time when a dapper group of men dressed in […]

New Canadian Music Monday: I’m Not Pretending by The Good ...

Peeling Rambutan is the third poetry collection from Montreal-based poet Gillian Sze. Following Sze’s previous collections, Fish Bones (2009) and The Anatomy of Clay (2011), the beautifully-bound Peeling Rambutan “meditates upon the rifts between immigrant parents and their Canadian-born children and the struggle of overlapping values which sometimes arises when we view the complexity of […]

Peeling Rambutan: New Poetry from Montreal’s Gillian Sze (Review)

Take a look at Old Man Canyon‘s super-adorable video for Wiser, which followers a young adventurer on a journey through the streets of Vancouver. Website: Facebook: Twitter:

New Canadian Music Monday: Wiser by Old Man Canyon [includes ...

Check out the video for ‘Back To You’, the first single from Canadian songwriter Billy the Kid’s fourth album ‘Horseshoes & Hand Grenades’ coming September 2014. Website: Twitter: Facebook:

New Canadian Music Monday: Back To You by Billy the ...

Check out “Curtains?!” from Timber Timbre‘s new album, Hot Dreams (Arts & Crafts). Its grooved insistence punctuates Timber Timbre’s peculiar sound with soft violence and definite metre in rigid counterpoint to the fluidity of the band’s third full-length album. [Arts & Crafts] Website: Twitter: Facebook:

New Canadian Music Monday: Curtains?! by Timber Timbre

Check out this live video from CBC Music of New Brunswick’s Matt Andersen performing “I Lost My Way” from his new album Weightless (Sonic Entertainment Group). Website: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud:

New Canadian Music Monday: I Lost My Way by Matt ...

Brainstorming can be one of the best ways to come up with new ideas or to find a solution for a tricky issue. Coming up with as many ideas as possible – no matter how big, little, random, or unlikely – can be the path that leads you to your […]

5 Unusual Ways Artists & Creative Professionals Can Brainstorm

Listen to “88” by Lowell, the second song from her upcoming EP I Killed Sara V. Website: Twitter: Facebook: * Image credit: Norman Wong

New Canadian Music Monday: 88 by Lowell

We’re launching another new section here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine: Reviews! We’ll be giving you our opinions on books, albums, shows, and anything else creative that pops up across this country of ours. Reviews will appear Thursdays here on the magazine, so be sure to watch out for them! […]

Introducing CAC Reviews!

Canadian comedy fans, start getting excited! The irresistible duo of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are teaming up once again, this time in a TV series called Schitt’s Creek. Also starring and co-created by Levy’s son Dan (formerly of MTV Canada) and featuring Chris Elliott (Get a Life, There’s Something […]

Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy Team Up for New TV ...

We have another new section starting here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine: Canada Arts Connect Kids! We’ll be featuring news tid-bits, projects, books, events, and so much more – all revolving around our creative little ones. Be sure to check out Canada Arts Connect Kids every Wednesday! If there is […]

Introducing Canada Arts Connect Kids!

We’re launching a new column here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine called Creative Tips. Each post will feature topics that relate to the creative side of artistic practices. Tips for technique, advice from experts, and much more. Please be sure to check them out every Tuesday! Watch out for Creative Tips […]

Introducing Creative Tips

We’re launching a new feature here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine called Your Daily Muse (Creative Prompts). Each weekday we’ll post an object, a place, or anything else that is interesting, along with an image to help inspire your next piece of art, writing, music, and more. Try creating a small […]

Introducing Your Daily Muse (Creative Prompts)

The team at Canada Arts Connect would like to introduce you to our new Editor, Chloe Vice. Chloe is a writer and editor, and is also the marketing director for Invisible Publishing. Her passion for the arts comes from her musical background, which included piano lessons from her mom and […]

Welcome to Canada Arts Connect’s new Editor, Chloe Vice!

My reading habits could be described as being quite emotional. I tend to choose books much the way I used to choose new cds on Tuesdays. I used to pop into the record store every Tuesday morning and check out the fresh new releases, choosing based on the covers and […]

DarkMarket Review: Breathing Life Into Non-Fiction