Natalie Zina Walschots

After a short hiatus, I am thrilled that my first new Girls Don’t Like Metal interview subject is Alia O’Brien of Toronto-based occult rock phenomenon Blood Ceremony. Part psychedelic inner journey, part dark ritual and all heavy metal, Blood Ceremony have a retro-inspired sound that is nonetheless consistently fresh and engaging. […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Alia O’Brien

Canada Arts Connect is saying goodbye (although not completely) to one of our team members. After two years as our Managing Editor, Natalie Zina Walschots is stepping down. Natalie has been the steadying hand behind Canada Arts Connect Magazine, an incredible literary force, and an amazing friend. She has supported […]

Canada Arts Connect says goodbye to Managing Editor Natalie Zina ...

Few Canadian poets have ever attained the level of reverence that bpNichol has earned. His creative output ranged from concrete poems and experimental fiction to small press ephemera and scripts for beloved kids’ shows Fraggle Rock and The Raccoons. While most readers are familiar with his most popular work, the nine-volume poetic epic The […]

Book Review: a book of variations, by bpNichol

Those familiar with David Seymour’s first book of poetry, Inter Alia, will find his sophomore effort For Display Purposes Only to be a huge leap forward in style and aesthetic, almost unrecognizable in subject matter and tone. While Inter Alia was an earnest, geographically oriented and detail-obsessed text that recalled the work of Tim Lilburn and Seymour’s […]

Book Review: For Display Purposes Only, by David Seymour

Andrew Faulkner’s debut collection of poetry, Need Machine (Coach House Books), is as sharp as a bag of razors about a subject that usually breeds nothing but milquetoast wishy-washiness: boredom, dissatisfaction and indifference. Instead of the watery, grey and indefinite language that these feelings often inspire, Faulkner attacks them with every ounce […]

Book Review: Need Machine by Andrew Faulkner

Back in January, I spoke on a panel about music writing journalism at the 75th annual NASH conference hosted by Canadian University Press. After a great discussion about finding work, running magazines, pitching and hustling and ethics, a few students lingered behind to chat with my co-panelists (Exclaim! editor-in-chief James […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Bahar Banaei

Melanie Mongeon is best known for her fearsome, visceral performances as the vocalist for Ottawa-based experimental grindcore act Fuck The Facts. Her physical, often violent style of performing and agonized vocals have helped define Fuck The Facts as a must-see live band. While still stalwartly a part of the underground of Canadian […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Melanie Mongeon

Toronto is fortunate enough to have a vibrant, active aggressive music scene in all of its various forms. In addition to heavy metal, there is aso an abundance of excellent hard rock, hardcore and punk active in the city, of which party punk band Skullians is an great example. Having […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Candice Ryerson

I am personally fascinated by the way that heavy metal intersects with academia. There are still lingering cultural assumptions that heavy metal is tailor made for the enjoyment of Beavis and Butthead, through intelligent and detailed investigation heavy metal almost always proves to be a deep, rich and varied subject […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Amelia Ishmael

Like many fantastic people who have become my friends and colleagues in recent years, I first met Cheryl Carter via the Internet. We’d briefly written for the same publication in ThisIsNotAScene, and I began to actively follow her and her work online. Her Tumblr, Bleak Metal, is consistently fantastic. Her reviews strike me as […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Cheryl Carter

I don’t usually take the opportunity to fangirl all over the place with this column, but having the opportunity to interview Jeanne Fury is a genuine privilege. A greatly influential music writer and rock critic, Fury has been writing since the early 90s. She is perhaps best well known for […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Jeanne Fury

Justina Villanueva is someone who I have followed from afar for quite sometime, and the more I have gotten to know her online the more she has consistently proven herself to be an awesome human being. Justina’s arresting photography has graced the pages of publications like Decibel, Revolver and the […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Justina Villanueva

I met Sarah Kittingham the way I have encountered some many incredible metal-loving women: online. I first became aware of her and her work because we both wrote for Hellbound, and I was immediately struck by how passionate an engaging her writing was, as well as how well-informed and intelligent […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Sarah Kitteringham

Talita and I met via the nebulous, virtual wonderland of Twitter, and I have long admired her passion for heavy metal as much as I enjoyed her witty commentary. For six years, she handled worldwide publicity and promotions for Earache Records, specializing un the UK and European markets. Recently, she […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Talita Twoshoes

While she may not be a household name in the Canadian heavy music industry, if you have ever attended a show at Toronto’s beloved and eclectic Sneaky Dee’s, then you have probably heard her voice or seen her in the sound booth. Chantelle is a sound tech whose reputation precedes […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Chantelle Japp

There’s a sea change happening over here at Girls Don’t Like Metal, a slight shift on focus that began with the last couple of interviews and will continue for several interviews to come. While we’ve always looked at women who occupy a wide range of positions in the heavy music […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Wendi Freeman

I met Susana Morgado when she was working the door at a show that she had planned and promoted here in Toronto. Not only was the show excellent, thanks to the great bands on the bill she’d expertly curated, but I was also struck by how positive and welcoming the […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Susana Morgado

The internet has brought many wonderful people into my life that I may never have met otherwise, and one of those fine folks is Jo T. From my earliest exposure to her on Twitter, she has been a passionate advocate of feminism and an equally ardent fan of black metal. […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Jo T

In case you didn’t know, Natalie Zine Walschots is Canada Arts Connect Magazine’s Managing Editor and author of Girls Don’t Like Metal. She is not only great at her job at CAC (herding writers for an online magazine is no easy task) but she is also a fantastic poet. Her […]

The Power of Supervillains and Poetry: A Gchat interview with ...

I met journalist, poet, music writer and metalhead Beth Winegarner the same way I have encountered so many fantastic people in the heavy metal scene: via Twitter. I was impressed by the passion in her writing and the difficult subjects that she regularly tackled, such as types of media (aggressive […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Beth Winegarner

I’ve been a fan of Jucifer for years. The infamously loud doom duo of Edgar Livengood and Amber Gazelle Valentine have been popping eardrums and taking names since 1993. Eleven years ago, the pair decided to give up on down time completely and move into their tour van. Even since […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Gazelle Amber Valentine