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Canadian Arts Jobs – 07/26/12
July 26, 2012


I asked two question over the last couple of days (here & here) and got a great response.

Check them out:


What is the role of art? Is it different than the role of the artist?

“The role of art is to exist. Challenge, question, support, beautify, testify, et cetera. Not even the artist can guarantee what it will be. Too many factors… Time, culture, politics, history; it’s all organic.” - Mat Calverley

“The role of art is to inspire, explore and illuminate the truth.” - Brittney Francis

“provoke fun, thought & interest. Without art, life would be dull.The role of the artist is to create & share with the world.” - Nav Sehambhi

“The role of art is to uplift people’s spirits. The role of the artist is to attain artistic perfection.” - LorraineHétuManifold

“‘protect the origins of language and culture’” - karhiio


What is the role of the artist?

“create a pathway to experience.” - dsharpdavis

“”The Role of the artist is to make their own stylized comment on the state of humanity”" - Natalia Knowlton

“the role of the artist is to suspend time, even if just for a moment.” - Jacqueline Woods

“the role of the artist is to evoke, invoke and provoke” - Bartlett Gallery

“the artist is there to express themselves through their art and allow others to relate” - Staverous Cardini

“…poke into the edges we haven’t gone into or dare not go into.” - Maggie Shirley

“The role of the artist is to fill in the blank.” - Peggy MacKinnon

“connect” - Appy Aparnski

(We had many, many more answers, so I couldn’t include them all in this post).

Do you agree/disagree with any of the above? Have thoughts of your own on the subject? Be sure to let us know in the comments below after you’ve taken a look at the awesome list of job opportunities I have for you today.

Have a wonderful day!


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