As a professional consultant, I work with productions and businesses to create publicity and find their influencers. Influencers are people and/or brands that share similar values and have a large, loyal following or community that will spread your message to an audience you are not yet connected to. Lately, […]

Creating Demand by Being a Professional: Part 2

With the holiday season fast approaching, many people I know expressed interest in buying handmade and local as their holiday gifts. The holiday shopper is an excellent way to build your business, especially with the increase of local craft and Christmas markets. So how can you, a small business owner, […]

10 Tips for Selling Handmade Products

The fact that the music industry is changing should be news to nobody.  The specific ways of HOW it’s changing, however, are a bit more of a mystery, especially because it seems to be happening at such a rapid pace. The panel, consisting of Justin Erdman (Universal Music), James Milward […]

Changing Experience of Music – NXNE Panel Review