Lee Weisser

One of the benefits of being self-employed is that I get to be the creator, the decision maker and the implementer. I choose the path I’m on and I get to experiment my own way. In choosing to be a solopreneur I get to be the control freak that I […]

Who’s on your team?

Do you have a gremlin in your head telling you what you could have done or should have done to move your career forward, if only you were more productive, a better person, smarter, more creative or [any other quality]? We all have an ‘inner critic’ that tells us we’ve […]

Courage, Anyone?

I’m not a gardener. While I love having plants and flowers around me, once I’ve done an initial planting in the spring, I have no interest in tending to the garden while it grows. Weeding is always at the bottom of my to-do list. But now, in late fall, I’m […]

Cultivating Hope

Even if you’re not headed back to school this month, September feels like a fresh start. Are you thinking about a new approach towards your creative career?  Want to start your own business or collaborate with others on a project? Maybe this is the year you will transform your hobby […]

Choose Your Own Path

I recently vacationed in PEI where I met Peter Llewellyn, a well-known artisan. Just six years ago, Peter left his work in the fish plant business with no idea of what he would do next. Returning home to PEI after an absence of 30 years, he had no hobbies and […]

Sculpted by Sea and Sand

As an optimist, I tend to expect success to come quickly on a creative project if I take the right steps. I’ve contacted the right people, and I’ve done the work I need to do. Why aren’t things working out as I expected? The reality is that my optimism may […]

The Secret Ingredient

A crowd made up of mostly women eagerly awaited the 10th anniversary performance of Funny Girls & Dynamic Divas on June 14 in Toronto. This annual event is a major fundraiser for Sistering, a multi-service centre that provides hot meals, clothing, access to health care and informal counselling for women in […]

Funny Girls & Dynamic Divas + An Interview with Sandra ...

It’s summertime – yay! Let’s wear our flip flops, put ice cubes in our drinks and dip our toes in the water. The relaxing mode of summer can make us lazy about our big plans and career goals…or, it can help us move our careers forward. Feeling relaxed can help […]

All Set for Summer

Have you ever been told to lighten up? I know I have. I have a tendency to get way too serious about myself. It’s good to take our dreams and goals seriously—but it’s not good to take ourselves seriously. When we take ourselves seriously we worry unnecessarily about our own […]

Joy Riding: Getting Back to the Positive

Have you seen the film “Pina”? It’s a 3-D performance piece/documentary by Wim Wenders about the late German dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch. It’s full of intense movement and intense emotion. Pina was not just a dancer, but a multifaceted artist who worked from instinct rather than formality. When she […]

Career Karma

Now that it’s February, goals we set on New Year’s Eve may seem out of focus. One way to get back on track is to ask, What are the things I value in living a creative life? For example, I know I value the freedom to make my own schedule, […]

Take Charge of What’s Important to You

Seeing the road ahead of us isn’t always easy. At times it can help to have a guiding hand, especially when it comes to our careers. Counselors and coaches can help you define what you want and where you want to go. What kind of help can a career counselor […]

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