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Do business and art mix? They certainly do when Nichole Anderson and Business for the Arts are involved. Connecting the arts and business communities in Canada since 1974, BftA creates “strong relationships between business and the arts in order to strengthen our cultural institutions, support our artists and improve quality […]

Where Business Meets the Arts: Interview with Nichole Anderson, President ...

Claiming Space: Voices of Urban Aboriginal Youth (Jun. 1, 2014 to Jan. 4, 2015) at The Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at UBC presents “a unique look at contemporary, conceptual, and Native art through the lens of Indigenous youth.” Curated by Pam Brown, of MOA, with Curatorial Assistant Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Claiming Space exhibits the work of […]

Claiming Space: Voices of Urban Aboriginal Youth: Interview with UBC’s ...

If you DON’T get nervous before an interview or audition, you are certainly a rare (and lucky!) creature. For the rest of us, the days/hours/moments before an interview or audition can be beyond nerve-wracking. Here are 7 quick tips to help you calm down before you show them what you’ve […]

7 Ways To Stay Calm Before an Interview or Audition

Rachael Speirs inhabits a fantastical world adrift with anthropomorphic animals, French Canadian sea captains and long-limbed women in Victorian mourning garb. The 30-year old Toronto-based artist creates massive fabric collages out of hundreds of scraps of felt, thread and ink, painstakingly cut out, then stitched together to create works of […]

Massive Fabric Collages and Fairy Tales: An Interview with Toronto-based ...

An experienced Canadian music manager, Jason Burns is the president of Burnt Tree Entertainment and two-time winner of the Manager of the Year award from Music Nova Scotia. As the co-manager of Hey Rosetta! as well as the full manager of Rich Aucoin and Old Man Luedecke, Jason is familiar with the ins & outs […]

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After a short hiatus, I am thrilled that my first new Girls Don’t Like Metal interview subject is Alia O’Brien of Toronto-based occult rock phenomenon Blood Ceremony. Part psychedelic inner journey, part dark ritual and all heavy metal, Blood Ceremony have a retro-inspired sound that is nonetheless consistently fresh and engaging. […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Alia O’Brien

Lisa Cinar’s passion for drawing and belief that creativity is an essential part of both child and adulthood has brilliantly created a lifestyle that embodies her youthful spirit. Lisa, an accomplished author and teacher runs Draw Me A Lion ,which offers fun illustrations for any age! Not only does Draw […]

Draw Me A Lion’s Whimsical Illustrations & Special Offer!

When I first heard of Code Orange Kids, I was blown away by the power and vitality of their music.  Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they combine the energy of hardcore with intelligent songwriting, finding a balance between raw power, emotional authenticity and well-crafted song structures. After signing to Deathwish Inc. […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Reba Meyers of Code Orange ...

Looking for a way to add some exciting entertainment into your life? Sceneopolis is a new subscription service for 20- and 30-somethings in Toronto that offers discounts, exclusive offers and intimate opportunities at some of the cities hottest arts and culture events. To find out more, Co-founder Lisa Cousins answered a few […]

Sceneopolis: Sparking Your Arts & Culture Social Calendar (While Saving ...

I had a very interesting experience this week. I did something I have wanted to do for a long time, but never thought I would be capable of pulling off with even a modicum of class or skill. Once I started contributing to this magazine, the want became a need. […]

Adverteyes: A Brief History of the Evolution of a Band ...

While recently browsing local craft shows and etsy, I have noticed there are a large selection of items made using vintage images. Why is that? Is this just a coincidence that crafters like to use it in their work, or perhaps that is just what the current market is demanding? As a consumer, do you […]

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