Claude Monet – Filmed Painting Outdoors (1915): Above is the only known film footage of the French Impressionist Claude Monet, made when he was 74 years old, painting alongside a lily pond in his garden at Giverny. The footage was shot in the summer of 1915 by the French actor […]

The Only Known Film Footage of Claude Monet Painting Outdoors ...

Bon Cop, Bad Cop
October 11, 2006 – Bon Cop, Bad Cop‘s producers claim that the film has become the highest-grossing Canadian film domestically having made $12,578,327 surpassing the $11.2 million Porky’s earned in Canada in the 80’s. However, the numbers are later disputed as not having taken inflation into account. * Source: Today in Canadian History

Today in Canadian Art History: Bon Cop, Bad Cop Beats ...

  If you’re involved in Canadian film, television, theatre, music, or dance, then you need to know about The Actors’ Fund of Canada “which provides emergency financial aid to assist cultural workers in recovering from an illness, injury or other circumstances causing severe economic and personal hardship.” The Actors’ Fund is a registered […]

The Actors’ Fund of Canada: Emergency Financial Aid for Canadian ...

Film and movie-making is full of interesting facts and has a rich history. Creative types have put it all together in infographics and I’ve gathered a few that cover various aspects of the industry. Here are 10+ awesome infographics about films / movies: 1. I Want to Make a Movie […]

10+ Awesome Film / Movie Infographics

As the creepy scenes of Halloween begin to appear throughout the city, costumes are collected and late night tricks and treats determined, Rob Gontier and Ned Loach are in the midst of creating the spectacle known as 360 Screenings. Part theatre experience, part cinematic viewing party, 360 Screenings will present […]

360 Screenings Halloween Spectacle (October 25-26, Toronto)

While the Toronto International Film Festival represents the big dog this time of year, the annual Caribbean Tales Film Showcase taking place around the same time frame is the scrappy upstart that could. Since creating the CaribbeanTales Foundation way back in 2001, festival founder and artistic director Frances-Anne Solomon has been […]

Urban/Intersection: CaribbeanTales Film Showcase

In the summer of 1980, I watched the classic musical Grease. From that point on, I was a different girl. My heart belonged to John Travolta, I wore a shiny, satin pink jacket and asked my parents to call me “Olivia” (as in Olivia Newton-John). Like so many girls, that […]

Sing-A-Long-A GREASE at TIFF Bell Lightbox

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Fan Expo. I had always wanted to attend ComicCon or PAX, but what is a Canadian boy to do when he doesn’t have the luxury, or cash, to travel into the states for comics and gaming. Enter Fan Expo Canada, a convention that […]

Nerdgasm: My Experience at Fan Expo Canada

While your first impulse as producer or filmmaker may be to throw a screener at every festival that happens to be accepting submissions; there should be a method to the madness. 1. First, isolate the festivals that feature similar releases.  This works especially in favour of genre films (i.e. submitting […]

Choosing the Right Festivals for Your Project

Coordinating a film, television or digital production is not a simple task.  It seems straightforward – the classic match in the “other” industries would be likely a type of office manager.  However, once you incorporate immigration, travel and accommodation bookings, contracts and deal brokering – the list keeps growing as […]

The Fine Art of Production Coordinating

The 15th Annual Fantasia International Film Festival draws to a close this weekend. After a month of special presentations, premiere openings and the gathering of hordes of genre film lovers, the Festival is closing its doors for another year. Begun in 1996, the festival originally focused on Asian films, which […]

Fantasia Festival Winds down without del Toro

Talk about frustrating – this month has brought two case studies of film professionals in Canada hitting red tape trouble.  I’ll speak about one in this article and feature the other in my next post. Case 1: Conflicting dates between the Canadian Film Centre (CFC) and funding application dates to […]

Caught Up in Red Tape

Following my first article for this publication a friend of mine approached me with a movie watching suggestion. The film he presented to me was made by a famous graffiti artist known simply as Banksy entitled Exit Through the Gift Shop. This Film chronicles an obsessive film maker’s quest to […]

Destruction vs. Art Part II: The Case of the Toronto ...

Often, filmmakers, producers and screenwriters associate success with critical acclaim.  And like other artists such as painters, designers and musicians – the projects they create are intrinsically connected to who they are as a person and professional.  Others find their primary validation lies in financial success and increase in business […]

Producing a Great Project

The opportunities to make a screen (film/TV/digital production) projects are innumerable… when considering independent productions.  In fact, you could say that it is never-ending and ever-expanding because as long as there are Joe Blow’s and Jane Friday’s willing to make a project there will always be “work”.  That being said […]

Tips for Filmmakers: Building a Strong Foundation

  The twentieth anniversary of a dance company calls for a celebration, and Toronto based Kaeja d’Dance marks the occasion with 20/20 Vision, a multimedia “future-spective” of four new works (The Visitor and Quenched by Karen Kaeja; Jericho and Armour/Amour by Allen Kaeja). Tuesday’s opening night began with a welcome […]

Kaeja d’Dance Steps, Spins, and Leaps Forward