Edmonton-raised, Montreal-based Auresia is all about putting her unique twist on the classic reggae sound. New release Risin! represents her sophomore album and serves up reggae infused pop with a distinct English, French and Spanish flavour. Of Ukrainian descent, the singer and multi-instrumentalist draws upon her Alberta upbringing while delivering […]

URBAN/Intersection: Auresia’s Alberta Reggae Vibe

Artistic Fusion is a Canada Arts Connect Magazine original column that looks at Canadian arts companies who are blending genres, styles and media in their work and exploring what is unleashed when those artistic boundaries are broken. In this installment, we talked to actor, writer, and painter Bruce Horak, who […]

Artistic Fusion: Bruce Horak and Assassinating Thomson

Poetry and performance have a long history dating back to the 70s, (maybe even the 1870s) but I’m not going to explain all that, there simply isn’t time, though I do suggest you check out the performance poem “Speak White” which was prominent in Quebec leading up to the October […]

Edmonton Poetry Festival: Layeth the Smacketh Down

The Edmonton Music Awards were handed out Monday in order to “celebrate and promote Edmonton music and musicians in all forms.” Awards such as the Junos or Breakout West (AKA Western Canada Music Awards) recognize artists on a national level, but we strongly believe there are artists locally that deserve recognition for […]

Edmonton Music Awards Winners Announced