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CAC Updates
Weekly Round-Ups
Canadian Arts Jobs – 08/02/12
August 2, 2012
bottle wall


Fundraising for your project?

Are you fundraising for your current / future project?

Are you running a campaign like Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Are you holding an online auction or some other fundraising endeavour?

I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people to share their fundraising efforts with the CAC community. We’d love to support any of your efforts by spreading the word, so I’ve set up a section dedicated to just this.

Fundraising – Looking for Backers, Donations, & Other Sources of Funds?

Leave the details and links in our Fundraising section to let us know about (and encourage support for) your project(s)!

Good luck in all of your efforts, including the job opportunities below.

Have a wonderful day!


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Canadian Arts Jobs – 07/20/12
July 20, 2012
untitled - Shahee

untitled by CAC Member Shahee (@shahee)
[Want to see your art here? Click here for more info.]


I have a great list of job opportunities for you today. I want to thank everyone for sharing their deserted island book lists. My reading for this summer is set!

Have an amazing weekend!


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Canadian Arts Jobs – 05/29/12
Bug -  Joseph Reyes

“Bug” by CAC Member  Joseph Reyes  (@woodchipper)
[Want to see your art here? Click here for more info.]


Creating your art is often only the first step in the process of getting it out to the public. Websites and services exist to help in that regard, and we’re interested in what you think of them.

Have you ever sold your designs on products/merch through Cafepress or Zazzle?

What are your thoughts on either or both sites?

We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day!

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Canadian Arts Jobs – 05/10/12
Octopus - Jason Nelson

“Octopus” by CAC Member Jason Nelson (@stonesculptor)
[Want to see your art here? Click here for more info.]


What other social networks are you on? First I asked if you were on Twitter. Then I asked if you were on Facebook. Now we’d like to know…

What other social networks are you on? Where else can we follow you?






Leave your links in the comments below so we (and our members/readers can follow you)!

Have a wonderful day!

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Canadian Arts Jobs – 03/30/12
March 30, 2012
Abstract Art - Heather Plewes

“Abstract Art” by Heather Plewes (@hplewes) 
[Want to see your art here? Click here for more info.]


Yesterday was a looong day for me as the night before I went to bed at 1 a.m. then woke up at 5:40 a.m. Every day/night has pretty much been that way for the last few weeks as I try to balance everything I need to do while juggling a demanding (!) schedule.

Feeling the lack of sleep dragging at my body and fogging my mind, I asked over CAC, Twitter, and Facebook how our community keeps their (artistic) energy up.

Here are a few of their answers:

“Little naps during the day and night! And eating energy making foods and lots of water…” - Susan Weiss

“take stretch breaks, dance and….coffee helps too :)” - Dorothy Weiss

“Good music and awesome coffee – not crappy coffee, this is important! Good tasting coffee = good work” - Ben Purkiss

“I pace myself and I take short frequent and guilt free breaks to avoid burning out early.”@sanleigh

“i can only write out at coffee shops. The tea and company keeps me going.” – laurie petrou (@lauriepetrou)

“I eat lots of nuts and make sure I have something good/new to listen to:)” – D’Andrea Bowie (@d_andreab)

“Healthy snacks, and drinking lots of water. Being busy with dance makes me very happy and grateful, so that helps the most!” –  Nicole Rose Bond (@NicoleRoseBond)

“Going to the gym totally helps” - @NFBMediatheque

“Healthy food choices and hydration. Plus quality coffee…” – Kate U (@TOViolinKate)

“Gym and/or ride my horse. Mostly “or” (no time for both!).” - @wpgreview

“3 cups of tea before 10:00am” – Karina Bergmans, @KBergmans

The suggestions kept coming, with most including food, exercise, naps, music, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Good coffee. Confession: I don’t drink coffee. No wonder my mind is so foggy! lol!

How do YOU keep your energy up when you’re super busy? Leave a comment below!

Perhaps finding the perfect opportunity will fuel you up, so here’s a great list of jobs for you below.

Have a wonderful day!

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Canadian Arts Jobs – 02/16/12
February 16, 2012
Thamesford - Barbara Gillies

 “Thamesford” by Barbara Gillies (@barge


We’re at 290 members! Will we reach 300 this week?!!

Are YOU a member yet? If not, register now! And be sure to tell all of your friends, colleagues, peers, and networks to sign up for their own FREE CAC Membership!

Want to know about all of the cool features CAC Memberships include? Click here.

And, as always, we have an awesome list of jobs for you below. 

Have a wonderful day! 

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Canadian Arts Jobs – 02/10/12
February 10, 2012
Brinston Elevator - BrucepDavis

“Brinston Elevator” by Bruce Davis (@brucepdavis)


Our awesome webmaster, Beth, added a very cool feature to Canada Arts Connect Magazine. Each author now has their own individual RSS feed. So if you’re looking to follow a particular writer or column, just click on where it says “Subscribe to this author’s posts feed via RSS.” 

And if you’re looking to receive our job lists via RSS, click here

Now be sure to check out the great list of jobs we have for you today. 

Have a wonderful day! 

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Canadian Arts Jobs from around the Web – Thursday, January 26, 2012
January 26, 2012


Our new columns have been creating a lot of buzz and yesterday another one launched.

With The Art of PR: Part 1 ”…you can expect stories focusing on both the after-hours aspects of being an artist–what fashion trends are in, for example–to practical career advice that deals with the more “fluffy” side of the artist lifestyle: building your brand, interview and working wardrobes, etc.

This week’s entry will focus on public relations in the art industry and tips specifically for artists on managing their public relations.”

Including an interview with Rebecca Webster of Webster Media Consulting.

Check it out by clicking here. And of course, we have a great list of jobs for you below.

Have a wonderful day!


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Canadian Arts Jobs from around the Web – Monday, January 9, 2012
January 9, 2012


Welcome back! I hope you had wonderful holidays and an amazing new year. We’re still working on our big relaunch, but we wanted to get our lists started as soon as possible.

There will be a few changes to our lists this year:

1) I’ll be taking over the lists as Ryan is taking over more of CAC’s business duties.

2) I’ll now be doing the job lists EVERY WEEKDAY. It will be a lot of work, especially with the added features we’re introducing, but I’m going to try my best.

3) The calls for submissions & auditions lists will continue to be weekly, but will now be on the site every Monday.

We hope you find these changes useful and be sure to check back tomorrow and every weekday for our lists!

To start you off, there are 108 jobs on today’s list.

Have a wonderful day!


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