The term “starving artist” can be uncomfortably accurate at times — at least we know how to weather the droughts. But when things get really tough, you need to keep some basic rules in mind so you don’t cross a line you’re uncomfortable with or jeopardize your career in the […]

Creative Professional Success When Times Get Tough: 5 DOs and ...

Do you have trouble keeping your creative career organized or just need a kick in the butt to get yourself going? Then try CAC’s 30 Day Creative-Career Organizational Challenge that will have you doing everything you need to get yourself sorted one step at a time. Click here to download your own […]

30 Day Creative-Career Organizational Challenge

Saying your going to accomplish something and actually actively pursuing it don’t always go together. Intentions are well and good, but a successful career requires setting professional and artistic goals that you will truly work towards and meet. Here are a few tips to set professional/artistic goals and expectations: Choose […]

How to Set Professional / Artistic Goals and Expectations

Starting an artistic career can be daunting. The lack of clear direction and the abundance nay-sayers pushing you towards a “real” career and your back-up plan can sometimes keep you from taking the necessary steps to properly kick-start your career. Success in the arts requires an unlimited amount of dedication […]

A Career in the Arts: Where to Begin – 4 ...

Like many starving artists, I have a day job and am slightly (ok, more than slightly) ashamed of it. Am I alone in having a day job? Hardly. But truthfully, it makes me feel like I haven’t ‘made it’ yet if I can’t pay my bills relying solely on my […]

Balancing Act: Starving Artists and Day Jobs

From the ages of four to 11, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I knew I had the talent for it, because my parents told everyone I did, proudly exclaiming: “she knew how to draw a perfect circle when she was only two years old!”  The […]

When I Grow Up…