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Hello, CAC friends! It’s finally time to set aside Canada Arts Connect and move on to something new-ish.  On July 1, 2015, CAC will become bohemianizm. The CAC website will stay as-is as an archive, but will no longer be updated.  Thank you all for your support and interest over the […]

Canada Arts Connect is “Rebranding” as bohemianizm

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Hello, CAC friends! So, perhaps CAC isn’t quite done yet! I had posted in January that I was closing down Canada Arts Connect, but after months of working behind the scenes to figure out if there was a way to keep it running in one form or another, I’ve decided to […]

Canada Arts Connect in 2015

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Do you want to sport a little shnazzy merch while letting others know you’re part of the Canadian creative community AND support Canada Arts Connect at the same time? Pick up an item or two (or more!) from our new online store! Run through Zazzle, CAC will receive a small (but […]

Introducing the Canada Arts Connect Online Store

Changes are coming to Canada Arts Connect and one of the most obvious changes is the move away from having two websites and merging them into one website that will contain all of our features and content. Managing the main website along with a separate site for Canada Arts Connect […]

Changes are Coming to Canada Arts Connect

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Posts from Canada Arts Connect Magazine: Reasons Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Enter Writing Contests and 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Enter a Contest Curator: A New iPad App for Designers and Visual Thinkers Introducing CAC Interviews! What You Need to Know About Getting (or Being) a Music […]

Weekly Round-Up: February 1-7, 2014

We’re launching a new column here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine called Creative Tips. Each post will feature topics that relate to the creative side of artistic practices. Tips for technique, advice from experts, and much more. Please be sure to check them out every Tuesday! Watch out for Creative Tips […]

Introducing Creative Tips

Hello, CAC friends! It’s a busy time of year around here as we get ready for Christmas and the New Year. We’re also in the middle of a big move and because of this, things might be a little quieter around here than usual, but we’ll be buzzing again in […]

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings from Canada Arts Connect!

Happy 5th Anniversary
March marks the 5th anniversary of Canada Arts Connect! Woo! Although we’re a little too busy to have a party to celebrate this year (perhaps next year or for our 10th we’ll throw a big bash!), I would still like to thank each and every one of you that has […]

Happy 5th Anniversary to Canada Arts Connect!

With 15 years experience being creative with acrylics and working in publishing, Anne Wanda Tessier discovered the fine art of printmaking and now uses it to spread positivity. Based in Ottawa, Anne is a frequent traveler, seeking out different press studios around the world to explore and work in. Her […]

Anne Wanda Tessier’s ‘Complimentary’ Typographic Prints

  For the second consecutive year, it has been my pleasure to attend the Hillside Festival (@HillsideFest) on behalf of your favourite online community, Canada Arts Connect (@CANArtsConnect). One of the most ahead-of-the-curve, yet best kept secrets on the North American festival circuit, this Guelph (@cityofguelph) tradition has managed to turn a largely niche experience […]

Hillside 2012: A Retrospective

A crowd made up of mostly women eagerly awaited the 10th anniversary performance of Funny Girls & Dynamic Divas on June 14 in Toronto. This annual event is a major fundraiser for Sistering, a multi-service centre that provides hot meals, clothing, access to health care and informal counselling for women in […]

Funny Girls & Dynamic Divas + An Interview with Sandra ...

This Issue is going to be a difficult one. In fact, I put this off until the day before my column was to run just because I found the subject matter so personal, though I guess that is what this column is all about. I want to be able to […]

The Writer’s Block Issue 3: Writing Through Envy

As artists, being creative and finding inspiration in everyday life is our job. But just like a stubborn puppy, creativity isn’t something that we can always control. Some days it is easier to find that “spark” and create or improve a piece, and other days we bang our heads against […]

Finding Inspiration: Part 1

Now that it’s February, goals we set on New Year’s Eve may seem out of focus. One way to get back on track is to ask, What are the things I value in living a creative life? For example, I know I value the freedom to make my own schedule, […]

Take Charge of What’s Important to You

The other day I put forward a question on Twitter, “What is the most difficult thing to capture about the human experience in your writing?” For an artist, drawing realistic hands can be difficult to pull off. The amount of detail and character that can be found in the human […]

The Writer’s Block Issue 2: Writing Humanity

In all industries, and especially in the art world, it can be said you’re only as good as your name and networks. Artists often rely on outside funding or sponsorship programs to make a living, and so networking is key. Many people in the arts industry choose to employ a […]

The Art of PR: Part 2 – Careers in Art ...

Welcome to A Focus On Production! In my monthly column, I’ll focus on the production aspects of the film and television industries, examining how things happen from an insider’s perspective and giving advice on how aspiring professionals can grow their careers. For this month’s column, I recently sat in on […]

Creating Demand by Being a Professional: Some important tips from ...

We work in a self-destructive business. Every artistic endeavour carries with it a certain amount of self-criticism necessary to push your work to its next creative level. We scrutinize ourselves constantly, often more than is ever required. Meanwhile, as we continually bare our souls and pour our thoughts out on […]

The Writer’s Block Issue 1: An Introduction

The team at Canada Arts Connect would like to introduce you to our new Editor, Chloe Vice. Chloe is a writer and editor, and is also the marketing director for Invisible Publishing. Her passion for the arts comes from her musical background, which included piano lessons from her mom and […]

Welcome to Canada Arts Connect’s new Editor, Chloe Vice!