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Changes are coming to Canada Arts Connect and one of the most obvious changes is the move away from having two websites and merging them into one website that will contain all of our features and content. Managing the main website along with a separate site for Canada Arts Connect […]

Changes are Coming to Canada Arts Connect

We’re launching another new section here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine: Reviews! We’ll be giving you our opinions on books, albums, shows, and anything else creative that pops up across this country of ours. Reviews will appear Thursdays here on the magazine, so be sure to watch out for them! […]

Introducing CAC Reviews!

We’re launching a new column here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine: New Canadian Music Mondays! We get A LOT of amazing music submissions but haven’t really had a place to do much with them before this. Now we’ll choose a new song every Monday to feature throughout the week over […]

Introducing New Canadian Music Mondays!

We’re launching a new column here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine called Creative Tips. Each post will feature topics that relate to the creative side of artistic practices. Tips for technique, advice from experts, and much more. Please be sure to check them out every Tuesday! Watch out for Creative Tips […]

Introducing Creative Tips

For Cale Sampson, his brand of socially conscious rap is best defined as “motivational message-oriented hip-hop music.” While hip-hop has always been about its genre diversity — different styles and viewpoints — the passionate Toronto-based artist posits that the mainstream hip-hop sound currently dominating the airwaves is long overdue for […]

URBAN/Intersection: Cale Sampson’s The Big Picture

Canada Arts Connect is saying goodbye (although not completely) to one of our team members. After two years as our Managing Editor, Natalie Zina Walschots is stepping down. Natalie has been the steadying hand behind Canada Arts Connect Magazine, an incredible literary force, and an amazing friend. She has supported […]

Canada Arts Connect says goodbye to Managing Editor Natalie Zina ...

Two decades in, spoken word artist Dwayne Morgan has been proving that it is possible to make a comfortable living as an independent artist. Arguably the individual who revitalized the contemporary spoken word or dub poetry scene in Canada, Morgan, this year, celebrates his 20th anniversary of promoting positivity in […]

URBAN/Intersection: Spoken Word Artist Dwayne Morgan’s Everyday Excellence

With 15 years experience being creative with acrylics and working in publishing, Anne Wanda Tessier discovered the fine art of printmaking and now uses it to spread positivity. Based in Ottawa, Anne is a frequent traveler, seeking out different press studios around the world to explore and work in. Her […]

Anne Wanda Tessier’s ‘Complimentary’ Typographic Prints

One of the benefits of being self-employed is that I get to be the creator, the decision maker and the implementer. I choose the path I’m on and I get to experiment my own way. In choosing to be a solopreneur I get to be the control freak that I […]

Who’s on your team?

During my time as editor over at UnNomDeGuerre, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with an amazing team of writers who help cover press releases, interview artists and review films and concerts. Since all of us have day jobs, however, it can be a little tricky to make sure […]

How To Motivate Your Staff – Paid or Otherwise

There was a time, almost 7 years ago, when I decided to take a swing dance class with my husband. It seemed like a grand idea and would give us the most impressive wedding dance compared to all our friends. Since we both have a background in dance (me, ballet […]

Wing Tips and Triple Steps at The Vintage Dance Party

As an artist specializing in figurative and portrait painting and sculpture, it’s all about the soul for freelance artist Sara Golish. The Ontario College of Art & Design graduate (and self-described chocolate-loving, tree hugging, vegetarian health freak) is an emerging presence on the Canadian arts scene. Drawing from a multitude […]

URBAN/intersection: visual artist Sara Golish

I actually hate reviewing concerts more than anything. As a musician, I find it frustrating that some cowardly reviewer who has never once set foot on stage or understands the mental torture that touring can cause, can sit back and judge me as I perform. I’ve always tricked myself into […]

Come Out With Me: Cat Power

I’m not a gardener. While I love having plants and flowers around me, once I’ve done an initial planting in the spring, I have no interest in tending to the garden while it grows. Weeding is always at the bottom of my to-do list. But now, in late fall, I’m […]

Cultivating Hope

Even if you’re not headed back to school this month, September feels like a fresh start. Are you thinking about a new approach towards your creative career?  Want to start your own business or collaborate with others on a project? Maybe this is the year you will transform your hobby […]

Choose Your Own Path

I recently vacationed in PEI where I met Peter Llewellyn, a well-known artisan. Just six years ago, Peter left his work in the fish plant business with no idea of what he would do next. Returning home to PEI after an absence of 30 years, he had no hobbies and […]

Sculpted by Sea and Sand

Self-care. The words sound so… fluffy, don’t they? I tend to think of some peaceful yogi sitting on a cushion preaching about the wonders of ‘letting go’ and setting boundaries. However, over the last few weeks I learned the real meaning of self-care after experiencing something that isn’t discussed much […]

Staying Creative Through Self-Care

As an optimist, I tend to expect success to come quickly on a creative project if I take the right steps. I’ve contacted the right people, and I’ve done the work I need to do. Why aren’t things working out as I expected? The reality is that my optimism may […]

The Secret Ingredient

I became acquainted with Jonathan Smith’s excellent writing on, a Canadian website devoted to heavy metal to which we both contribute. I am always impressed by the high quality of his work, the detailed analysis and accessible but sophisticated critique that characterizes his metal writing. The more I’ve gotten to […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Jon Smith

It’s been a while everyone, and I thought I would come back with a bang instead of a whimper. You’re going to have to bear with me as I let my inner geek out in its full glory though, as much of this article stemmed from recent happenings in my […]

The Writer’s Block Issue 4: Staying True to Your Own ...

A crowd made up of mostly women eagerly awaited the 10th anniversary performance of Funny Girls & Dynamic Divas on June 14 in Toronto. This annual event is a major fundraiser for Sistering, a multi-service centre that provides hot meals, clothing, access to health care and informal counselling for women in […]

Funny Girls & Dynamic Divas + An Interview with Sandra ...