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Few Canadian poets have ever attained the level of reverence that bpNichol has earned. His creative output ranged from concrete poems and experimental fiction to small press ephemera and scripts for beloved kids’ shows Fraggle Rock and The Raccoons. While most readers are familiar with his most popular work, the nine-volume poetic epic The […]

Book Review: a book of variations, by bpNichol

Those familiar with David Seymour’s first book of poetry, Inter Alia, will find his sophomore effort For Display Purposes Only to be a huge leap forward in style and aesthetic, almost unrecognizable in subject matter and tone. While Inter Alia was an earnest, geographically oriented and detail-obsessed text that recalled the work of Tim Lilburn and Seymour’s […]

Book Review: For Display Purposes Only, by David Seymour

Elisabeth De Mariaffi’s debut short story collection How to Get Along With Women (Invisible Publishing, 2012) is at once stunning and daring, a kaleidoscope of stories weaving the emotions and experiences of mostly female protagonists as they explore their relationships with themselves, their environments and others. Where De Mariaffi excels […]

Book Review: How to Get Along With Women by Elisabeth ...

Hoopla: the Art of Unexpected Embroidery, by Vancouver-based artist Leanne Prain, introduces readers to an alternative world of embroidery. A world where embroidery is not just limited to dated pieces found in your grandma’s living room, instead it features an array of artists and artworks ranging from Ray Materson, an […]

Hoopla: the Art of Unexpected Embroidery: Review