On a recent visit to The Chalmers House, the Ontario branch of the Canadian Music Centre (CMC), I was surprised to find that what I imagined would a be stuffy archive is much more than a library of scores and CDs of Canadian compositions. That evening the winding Victorian heritage […]

The Canadian Music Centre: Supporting Canadian Composition

This Issue is going to be a difficult one. In fact, I put this off until the day before my column was to run just because I found the subject matter so personal, though I guess that is what this column is all about. I want to be able to […]

The Writer’s Block Issue 3: Writing Through Envy

We work in a self-destructive business. Every artistic endeavour carries with it a certain amount of self-criticism necessary to push your work to its next creative level. We scrutinize ourselves constantly, often more than is ever required. Meanwhile, as we continually bare our souls and pour our thoughts out on […]

The Writer’s Block Issue 1: An Introduction

Looking for a way to add some exciting entertainment into your life? Sceneopolis is a new subscription service for 20- and 30-somethings in Toronto that offers discounts, exclusive offers and intimate opportunities at some of the cities hottest arts and culture events. To find out more, Co-founder Lisa Cousins answered a few […]

Sceneopolis: Sparking Your Arts & Culture Social Calendar (While Saving ...

One of the best parts of our jobs as freelancers and/or artists is the escape of the dreaded uniform. No more unflattering pants, all blank outfits and hiding tattoos and piercings – heaven, right? However, with so much freedom (and so many potential employers as a freelancer), creating and following […]

Dress the Part: Wardrobe Advice for Artists

While your first impulse as producer or filmmaker may be to throw a screener at every festival that happens to be accepting submissions; there should be a method to the madness. 1. First, isolate the festivals that feature similar releases.  This works especially in favour of genre films (i.e. submitting […]

Choosing the Right Festivals for Your Project

If you flipped through the average Ottawa tourism brochure, you would be hard-pressed to find anything mentioning the burlesque performances and poetry slams that regularly sell-out in the city. You might learn, however, that in 2010 Ottawa was named the IFEA World Festival & Event City. Ottawa takes pride in […]

Festival City

A colleague, New York City avant-garde cellist and composer, recently posted an inspired youtube video on his facebook page of renowned American composer, saxophonist and flautist Henry Threadgill.  In a class lecture for the School for Improvisational Music, Threadgill passionately declares, “Music is made in an atmosphere, not just any atmosphere, […]

Classical Music Explorations North of the 49th

The election is now 12 days away. Because the focus of these posts is on the arts, I thought I’d highlight each of the four main parties’ arts platforms for you. I found out some of this information by doing a little social media experiment. Read the companion post to […]

A Comparison of the Four Major Political Parties’ Arts Platforms