Writing about bands, concerts, and new releases sounds like an obvious avenue for any writer who loves music. Yet writing about music professionally is more than just jotting down a few words about what you do or don’t like about a certain band or attending a concert and giving a gist of […]

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Painting takes incredible skill and patience that can sometimes lead an artist to delve too deeply into their craft alone. Try improving yourself as a painter by challenging yourself from time to time. Here are 5 easy and effective ways to challenge yourself as a painter: 1. Leave Your Likely […]

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If you DON’T get nervous before an interview or audition, you are certainly a rare (and lucky!) creature. For the rest of us, the days/hours/moments before an interview or audition can be beyond nerve-wracking. Here are 7 quick tips to help you calm down before you show them what you’ve […]

7 Ways To Stay Calm Before an Interview or Audition

An experienced Canadian music manager, Jason Burns is the president of Burnt Tree Entertainment and two-time winner of the Manager of the Year award from Music Nova Scotia. As the co-manager of Hey Rosetta! as well as the full manager of Rich Aucoin and Old Man Luedecke, Jason is familiar with the ins & outs […]

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