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Writing Contests to Avoid: You always need to be careful when entering your writing into a
Canadian Poetry Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter and Facebook: If you’re a poet or poetry-lover in Canada and active on social
10+ Awesome Film / Movie Infographics: Film and movie-making is full of interesting facts and has a rich

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5 Ways to Know that You Should Consider Collaborating with Other Artists, Musicians, Writers, and Creative Professionals: Artists, musicians, writers, and all sorts of creative professionals can benefit from
When It’s Time to Walk Away: How to Know When Your Piece is Finished: Trying to decide if a piece is finished can be as difficult
5 Books to Help You Write Better Poetry: Whether you’re new to poetry or an experienced writer, there are always

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Craftivism: The Art and Craft of Activism (Review) Craftivism: The Art and Craft of Activism  (Arsenal Pulp Press) edited by Betsy Greer is a diverse and intriguing
Today in Canadian Art History: Halifax Symphony Orchestra Gave its Inaugural Concert at the Academy of Music April 24, 1897 - The Halifax Symphony Orchestra gave its inaugural concert at the Academy of Music. The orchestra –
Your Daily Muse (Creative Prompt): Small Boat in the Fog Check out today’s creative prompt. It can help inspire your next piece of art, writing, music, and more. Try creating
Giggle Poetry: A Website of Poetry Fun for Kids Are you looking for some online poetry-based fun, games, and learning opportunities for your kids? Check out Giggle Poetry!
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What Canadian Artists Need to Know About Taxes: An Interview with Artbooks Taxes can be daunting for anyone and when you’re an artist or creative professional, things can seem even more complicated and confusing. I asked the team at Artbooks to give us their expertise as
What You Need to Know About Health Insurance for Artists: Interview with Actra Fraternal Benefit Society’s Jason Saulay For the past 5 years, Jason Saulay has been working with the Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS) to build their profile through member-oriented programs. Recently, he has been promoting their health insurance solution (offered
Success in the Book Business (and Loving the Job!): An Interview with Canadian Literary Agent Samantha Haywood With over 15 years experience representing authors in Canada and abroad for both volume publication and film/TV deals, Samantha Haywood successfully navigates the sometimes choppy waters of the Canadian literary industry as an agent

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Among Harvard’s collection of 15-million volumes, there are three
Almost 90 years after JRR Tolkien translated the epic