Quirky Creative Facts

nevermore raven
Here’s a quirky creative fact… Edgar Allan Poe originally wanted a parrot to repeat the word “nevermore” in his famous poem, The Raven. However, he apparently decided a parrot “didn’t fit the melancholy tone that his poem was going for, and he settled on a raven.”   * Source: Buzzfeed; […]

Quirky Creative Fact: Edgar Allan Poe Originally Wanted a Parrot ...

Here’s a quirky creative fact… Pupaphobia is the fear of puppets. For those suffering from the condition, the “unblinking, frozen gaze of puppets can be unsettling, rather than entertaining.” They may also feel an “unease when puppets mimic human activity” or as puppets are mostly directed at children, their fear […]

Quirky Creative Fact: Pupaphobia is the Fear of Puppets

Shakespeare 2
Here’s a quirky creative fact… Of the over 17,000 words used by Shakespeare in his writing, he invented about 1,700 of them including addiction, gossip, and lackluster.   * Source: Uberfacts * FYI: Facts are collected from various places and CAC does its best to fact-check them all but there’s always a […]

Quirky Creative Fact: Shakespeare Invented Around 1,700 Words

red rainbow
Here’s a quirky creative fact… Did you know that some rainbows display only one colour? There is such a thing as a monochrome rainbow where the cooler colours “drop out of the rainbow” so that only the bands of yellow, orange, and red can be seen. At times all colours […]

Quirky Creative Fact: Some Rainbows Only Have One Colour