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Along with the typical antiquated ideas associated with opera – wigs, heavy makeup, viking horns, audiences dressed in formal wear and monocles – is another equally out-of-date perception of how operas are created. Though the opera world has its icons, not all productions are helmed by one creative genius alone. […]

Artistic Fusion: Michael Mori and Tapestry Briefs’ New Opera

A night of truly great live music, a wide range of Canadian talent, and endless Twitter reactions (opinions, snarks, and adoration), which, of course, means the Polaris Music Prize was handed out tonight during the annual gala at The Carlu in Toronto. And the winner is… Godspeed You! Black Emperor Godspeed […]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor are the Winners of the 2013 ...

For Cale Sampson, his brand of socially conscious rap is best defined as “motivational message-oriented hip-hop music.” While hip-hop has always been about its genre diversity — different styles and viewpoints — the passionate Toronto-based artist posits that the mainstream hip-hop sound currently dominating the airwaves is long overdue for […]

URBAN/Intersection: Cale Sampson’s The Big Picture

Edmonton-raised, Montreal-based Auresia is all about putting her unique twist on the classic reggae sound. New release Risin! represents her sophomore album and serves up reggae infused pop with a distinct English, French and Spanish flavour. Of Ukrainian descent, the singer and multi-instrumentalist draws upon her Alberta upbringing while delivering […]

URBAN/Intersection: Auresia’s Alberta Reggae Vibe

“This moody and exciting list is proof that the ‘Canadian sound’ has no stylistic boundaries.” – Polaris Founder and Executive Director Steve Jordan. The 2013 Polaris Prize Short List was announced this morning at the Drake Hotel in Toronto with seven first time nominees and three repeat nominees making an appearance […]

2013 Polaris Music Prize Short List Announced

If there’s a Canadian artist who best fits the description of “underrated” it would be Halifax, Nova Scotia’s SJ the Wordburglar. The hip-hop artist (real name Sean Jordan Volpe) has been a regular fixture within the underground rap scene, along with his prolific crew known as Backburner. With a penchant for […]

URBAN/Intersection: SJ the Wordburglar

Although based in Toronto, one can to say that the music of Aline Morales is from another world. A bit hyperbolic, yes, but by drawing from the musical sounds and verve from her native Brazil — filtered through the Canadian immigrant experience — singer/percussionist/composer Morales has crafted a sound that […]

URBAN/Intersection: Aline Morales

After a short hiatus, I am thrilled that my first new Girls Don’t Like Metal interview subject is Alia O’Brien of Toronto-based occult rock phenomenon Blood Ceremony. Part psychedelic inner journey, part dark ritual and all heavy metal, Blood Ceremony have a retro-inspired sound that is nonetheless consistently fresh and engaging. […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Alia O’Brien

The 2013 Polaris Music Prize longlist was released this morning in Montreal with past winners and nominees Laurel Sprengelmeyer (Little Scream), members of Radio Radio, Ruby Kato Attwood of Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, and Owen Pallett on stage to make the announcement as well as a performance from Les soeurs Boulay. The 2013 Polaris Prize […]

The Polaris Music Prize 2013 Longlist Announced

By Stephanie Dwarka Multi-talented triple threat Sarah-Jean Villa loves performing because it allows her to reach out to people and share her story. Having overcome issues such as depression, bullying and addiction, she is currently working on a project called Rock Your True Inner Beauty, which incorporates her love of […]

Artist Profile: Sarah-Jean Villa

House of Anansi Press has announced the winners of The Broken Social Scene Story Project. As a celebration of record label Arts & Crafts’ ten-year anniversary, writers were asked to pick a song title from Broken Social Scene’s first album You Forgot It In People and use it as the inspiration for a short […]

The Broken Social Scene Story Project winners announced

Back in January, I spoke on a panel about music writing journalism at the 75th annual NASH conference hosted by Canadian University Press. After a great discussion about finding work, running magazines, pitching and hustling and ethics, a few students lingered behind to chat with my co-panelists (Exclaim! editor-in-chief James […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Bahar Banaei

By Carly Maga Last month Canadian Music Week, as it had done previously for the past 30 years, stormed into town with its mix of music, conference and comedy. The 2013 addition featured 1,000 bands from around the world performing in 60 venues across Toronto and spread out over six sleepless […]

Rock & Spin: A Canadian Music Week Original

Melanie Mongeon is best known for her fearsome, visceral performances as the vocalist for Ottawa-based experimental grindcore act Fuck The Facts. Her physical, often violent style of performing and agonized vocals have helped define Fuck The Facts as a must-see live band. While still stalwartly a part of the underground of Canadian […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Melanie Mongeon

Named as one of the top hip hop producers in the country, Muneshine keeps it moving. The Toronto-based, Saskatoon raised Muneshine (born Rob Bakker) wears many hats: producer, DJ, rapper, engineer. They all fit him well. Having produced for artists as prolific as D-Sisive, collaborated with names like Pete Rock and Sean Price […]

URBAN/Intersection: Producer/Rapper Muneshine talks Music Industry 101

Toronto is fortunate enough to have a vibrant, active aggressive music scene in all of its various forms. In addition to heavy metal, there is aso an abundance of excellent hard rock, hardcore and punk active in the city, of which party punk band Skullians is an great example. Having […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Candice Ryerson

I am personally fascinated by the way that heavy metal intersects with academia. There are still lingering cultural assumptions that heavy metal is tailor made for the enjoyment of Beavis and Butthead, through intelligent and detailed investigation heavy metal almost always proves to be a deep, rich and varied subject […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Amelia Ishmael

I love interviewing drummers. They are the engine of any band, the heart and the driving force. Drummers approach playing and composing differently than virtuosos on any other instrument, and whether their style is defined by frantic blast beats, punishing force, martial precision or emotive throbbing, they give heavy music […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Jessica Reuter

Like many fantastic people who have become my friends and colleagues in recent years, I first met Cheryl Carter via the Internet. We’d briefly written for the same publication in ThisIsNotAScene, and I began to actively follow her and her work online. Her Tumblr, Bleak Metal, is consistently fantastic. Her reviews strike me as […]

Girls Don’t Like Metal Interviews Cheryl Carter

Toronto-based DJ/producer/rapper More or Les is on his grind. As an independent musician, More or Les (born Les Seaforth) is all about managing that balance between the artistic and commercial sides in making it in the Canadian music scene.     With his recently released full-length album Mastication — a “healthy […]

URBAN/Intersection: More or Les talks new album and making it ...

There’s no harder worker in the Canadian urban music scene than Duane Gibson aka D.O. (Defy the Odds). With the life credo of “Stay Driven” the Sarnia-raised, Toronto-based artist is an accomplished rapper (Guinness world record holder for longest freestyle), author and professional speaker who has managed to carve out a busy career […]

URBAN/Intersection: Rapper/Author ‘Stays Driven’ in the Canadian Scene