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Writing about bands, concerts, and new releases sounds like an obvious avenue for any writer who loves music. Yet writing about music professionally is more than just jotting down a few words about what you do or don’t like about a certain band or attending a concert and giving a gist of […]

How to Write About Music: Excerpts from the 33 1/3 ...

If you want some new music and a visual treat then check out the 3D video for “Dancehall Domine” by the New Pornographers. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr:

New Canadian Music: Dancehall Domine by the New Pornographers [Includes ...

Check out You and Me from You+Me, the project from Alecia Moore (P!nk) and Dallas Green (City and Colour). Website: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud:

New Canadian Music Monday: You and Me by You+Me – ...

If you’re looking for some new music to start your week, then check out “I’m Not Pretending” from Toronto’s The Good Boys. By nurturing the sounds and aesthetics of early innovators like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, The Good Boys celebrate a time when a dapper group of men dressed in […]

New Canadian Music Monday: I’m Not Pretending by The Good ...

Check out “Summer Sun” from Saskatoon’s Slow Down Molasses, the first single from their upcoming album Black Burnt Cars which will be released early in 2015. Burnt Black Cars is based on a series of photographs band member Tyson McShane’s father took while living in Paris in May 1968, during the infamous anti-capitalist […]

New Canadian Music Monday: Summer Sun by Slow Down Molasses

Take a look at Old Man Canyon‘s super-adorable video for Wiser, which followers a young adventurer on a journey through the streets of Vancouver. Website: Facebook: Twitter:

New Canadian Music Monday: Wiser by Old Man Canyon [includes ...

Check out the video for ‘Back To You’, the first single from Canadian songwriter Billy the Kid’s fourth album ‘Horseshoes & Hand Grenades’ coming September 2014. Website: Twitter: Facebook:

New Canadian Music Monday: Back To You by Billy the ...

Check out the video for Killer from Toronto hip hop artist King Reign from his debut album, Sincere, coming out June 30th via ClK Creative/ Reign Music. King Reign is a Toronto based hiphop artist who examines the potential consequences of Mayor Rob Ford’s actions. This song expresses frustration at biased perceptions, racial stereotypes, political […]

New Canadian Music Monday: Killer by King Reign [video] – ...

Check out the new video for “Boys and Girls” from Toronto “rockers” The Balconies in advance of their upcoming cross-Canada tour. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: Bandcamp: Instagram:

New Canadian Music Monday: Boys and Girls by The Balconies ...

Be sure to watch the video below for “To Fall” by Toronto-based folk musician Jessica Bundy from her debut EP, Careless Smile, released just this past March. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Youtube:

New Canadian Music Monday: To Fall by Jessica Bundy

Check out “Curtains?!” from Timber Timbre‘s new album, Hot Dreams (Arts & Crafts). Its grooved insistence punctuates Timber Timbre’s peculiar sound with soft violence and definite metre in rigid counterpoint to the fluidity of the band’s third full-length album. [Arts & Crafts] Website: Twitter: Facebook:

New Canadian Music Monday: Curtains?! by Timber Timbre

Check out this live video from CBC Music of New Brunswick’s Matt Andersen performing “I Lost My Way” from his new album Weightless (Sonic Entertainment Group). Website: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud:

New Canadian Music Monday: I Lost My Way by Matt ...

Check out this acoustic version of “So Hard (To Love You)” from Toronto artist Alexa Ferr. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud: Youtube: ReverbNation:

New Canadian Music Monday: So Hard (To Love You) Acoustic ...

Check out the video for RUN RUN by Toronto band The Number Line. Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud: Youtube:

New Canadian Music Monday: RUN RUN by The Number Line ...

Check out Vancouver’s Lakefield with Good Guy, the first single off of their new album Swan Songs. You can download a free copy of Good Guy by clicking here. Website: Youtube: Soundcloud: Twitter: Facebook: * Photo by  Joshua Seinen.

New Canadian Music Monday: Good Guy by Lakefield [includes video]

Listen to “88” by Lowell, the second song from her upcoming EP I Killed Sara V. Website: Twitter: Facebook: * Image credit: Norman Wong

New Canadian Music Monday: 88 by Lowell

The rap veteran known as Dan-e-o owns a hallowed place in Canadian hip-hop history. It was back in 1996 when the Toronto-based artist delivered the hip-hop classic “Dear Hip Hop” off the Beat Factory label’s Rap Essentials Vol. One LP, a historic album that also featured soon-to-be big names such […]

URBAN/Intersection: Dan-e-o

The exciting thing about Canadian music lately is the surge of R&B/soul inspired artists popping up on the scene. Indeed, when it comes to the urban music landscape in this country, the future is indeed looking bright. Here are three Canadian artists that you should be keeping a close eye […]

URBAN/Intersection: Three Canadian Music Artists to Watch for in 2014