Despite the many ‘how-to’ articles I’ve read and written, there’s not a lot of discussion about why it’s so important to take the time to look stylish when meeting clients or collaborators. Style-wise, I personally run the gamut from who-gives-a-sh*t tomboy outfits to sexy business casual all the time depending […]

Why Is It Important To Dress Stylishly?

Earlier this week, I decided to organize a charity clothing swap with my friends to benefit women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, said to be Canada’s poorest postal code. Such extreme poverty is rarely seen here in the Great White North and we chose the DTES Women’s Center because knowing the […]

Empowering Women: Organizing a Charity Clothing Swap

Our food, our coffee, our laundry and beauty products – a lot of everyday items have been going ‘green’. But what about our clothing? Clothing production and upkeep is becoming one of the biggest issues in environmentalism, from the rise of “fast fashion” to the use of pesticides on cotton […]

How Green is Your Closet?

Oh, Vancouver. Home of Hollywood North, amazing sushi, and hockey fever run riot (literally). The Lions Gate Bridge. Pumas and trench coats. $800,000 half-duplexes. And the birthplace of Lululemon, which has apparently damned us to the rank of third worst-dressed city in the world. MSN Travel has taken on the […]

Advice to the Third Worst Dressed City in the World

One of the best parts of our jobs as freelancers and/or artists is the escape of the dreaded uniform. No more unflattering pants, all blank outfits and hiding tattoos and piercings – heaven, right? However, with so much freedom (and so many potential employers as a freelancer), creating and following […]

Dress the Part: Wardrobe Advice for Artists

When it comes to arts and culture funding in Canada, it’s often a question of the ‘chicken or the egg’ variety – does the arts sector need government funding to grow or should the government encourage the industry to stand on its own two legs first for fear of ‘weakening’ […]

Fashion Design Non-Eligible For Government Grants

Buckeye jackets? Maple leaf shaped hats (both fleece and Kate Middleton types)? ‘Canadian tuxedos’? Is this what Canadian fashion is all about in the 21st century? How does the rest of the world perceive us? These questions were on my mind the other day while chatting with my girlfriends about […]

What is Canadian Fashion?

A vamp, a coquette, a clown. A corset, a boa, and a little glitter.  Just a few of the elements necessary to create a spectacular burlesque number. Perhaps you read my recent article, Skin & Spectacle: T.O. Burlesque Festival Coming to Town?  The piece focuses on the upcoming Festival and […]

No Books, Just Boas: Burlesque University

While living in New York City, I went to see a show at The Slipper Room.  I was told that the show was a performance with a “few dancing girls”.  I assumed dancing girls meant ballerinas, and the name Slipper Room referred to ballet slippers.  Instead, what I saw was […]

Skin & Spectacle: T.O. Burlesque Festival Coming to Town

Montreal-based fashion retailer Boutique Jacob has named Canadian model Coco Rocha as the new face of the company’s Fall 2011 campaign. Born in Toronto and raised in Richmond, BC, Rocha has walked the runway for Alexander McQueen, Anna Sui, and Marc Jacobs among others. She was discovered by a scout […]

Coco Rocha Named New Face of Boutique Jacob

Freedom Clothing Collective is a multi media cooperative located at Bloor West and Ossington founded seven years ago by then fashion design student Rachel Alexander. For the last seven years, Freedom has been growing as an environmentally conscious gallery space dedicated to supporting local emerging artists, designers and musicians. Today, […]

Freedom Clothing Collective: Boutique / Gallery / Venue

Canadian non-profit group Environmental Defence has a belated wedding gift for royal newlyweds Will and Kate on their first trip to Canada – a collection of eight specially designed ‘canadiana’ hats. They’re not your standard beer- or hockey team-logo’d hats either. Commissioned by Environmental Defence specially for the royal visit, […]

Environmental Defence Group Designs Hats for Will and Kate’s Royal ...

Women in high heels and invisible skirts clack down Robson St. towels in hand, faces-painted, delicate necklaces dangle down the v-neck of their XL jerseys. In a reversal of tradition, Mardis Gras beads are worn by those in baggy clothing over those in bare skin. Men and women in Vancouver’s […]

Is there Such a Thing as Play-off Fashion?

I’ll be the first to admit it: I was a badly dressed child. I wore a lot of oversized shirts and ill-fitting pants. I went through a bad tomboy phase where I would slouch my way to school wearing baggy khaki pants and tank tops. My parents are liberal enough to […]

The Fun of Fashion

From the mini to the maxi, fashion has seen hemlines of all shapes and sizes go in and out of style over the past five years. This year’s must have skirt? The ‘midi’, which falls between the knee and the ankle. The midi first gained popularity in the 1970s and […]

This Season’s New Skirt: The Midi

As an otter fanatic and jewellery lover I‘ve spent an unreasonable amount of time searching for the ideal otter themed pendant. And while everyone seems so keen to ‘put a bird on it’, I couldn’t find anything otter-related that was to my taste, metallic and suitable for someone over the […]

Eloi Jewellery’s Animal Magnetism

An eye-catching window display greets shoppers with a thin tree draped in spun paper, a flowery dress, an antique desk and coral-coloured rings. Inside, bits of lovely jewelry drape one wall. Rings decorate a vintage wooden sewing kit and Essie polish is arranged like delicious treats in crystal candy dishes. […]

The Branch Pops Up

Vancouver-based Knot Theory has made it a mission to create classic, fashionable – and most of all, sexy – ties. The atelier is making waves on the West coast by offering a range of unisex ties in a variety of designs inspired by modern architecture and video game culture. Creative […]

Vancouver’s Knot Theory Is Bringing Sexy Back

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, Matt&Nat, Canada’s most eco-conscious handbag brand, has released a limited edition collection in collaboration with Charity:Water as part of a campaign for safer drinking water in developing countries. The handbags are special designs – ‘safari’ and ‘purple haze’ – while the bags’ […]

Canada’s Matt&Nat Donates to Charity:Water in Earth Day Campaign

Alberta Fashion Week will be here before you know it and in order to give you a heads up on what to expect, we here at CAC Magazine decided to have a chat with the man with all of the answers, David Politi, Alberta Fashion Week’s CEO and founder. This […]

Interview with Alberta Fashion Week CEO David Politi

Continuing to establish the city as a major fashion destination, LG Toronto Fashion week kicks off today and will feature  some of the country’s top lines, both known and up & coming. The week is packed with shows happening back to back, one hour to the next, so if you’re planning on […]

LG Toronto Fashion Week Starts Today