Creative Tips

When you’re writing on the web, images are most definitely needed. A post without a visual aid is perceived as dry and boring. Most readers won’t bother to scroll down to the end. So if you need images to go along with your blog posts or other online content, what […]

5 Tips for Using Images You Find Online and 3 ...

Are you looking for more apps geared towards your creative nature? Here’s a cool one that’s come along: Curator. Curator app is a fast and visual tool for creative thinking, tailor made for the iPad. Collect and see your thoughts regardless of whether they are websites, text or images. From […]

Curator: A New iPad App for Designers and Visual Thinkers

Have you ever considered keeping a journal of your creative process? It can be an incredibly valuable exercise for anyone in an artistic field – visuals artists, writers, musicians, actors, and more. Here are a few ways keeping a journal can benefit your creative process: Eliminate Time-wasters Take a look […]

Journaling Your Creative Process: Ways it Can Benefit Anyone in ...

Want to freshen-up your studio and/or office? Looking for a few ideas to keep things organized while still being functional and inspirational? Here are 5 clever ideas for your studio or office: 1. Chalkboard Wall Chalkboard walls have been around for a bit now, but have you considered creating one […]

5 Clever Ideas for Your Art Studio or Office

Do you need to refill the creative well and want somewhere new to do it? Creative folks often find inspiration in unusual places, but there are a few more you might not have considered. Here are 5 unusual places to find inspiration: 1. Your Mail Who knows how much longer […]

5 Unusual Places to Find Inspiration

Are you looking to find your perfect niche? I’m sure you’re hoping for one that will be both fulfilling AND successful. Here are a few tips to do just that: 1. Look at Your Interests and Passions Outside of Art Take a look at what you fill your time with […]

5 Ways to Find Your Niche

We’re launching a new column here on Canada Arts Connect Magazine called Creative Tips. Each post will feature topics that relate to the creative side of artistic practices. Tips for technique, advice from experts, and much more. Please be sure to check them out every Tuesday! Watch out for Creative Tips […]

Introducing Creative Tips

As artists, being creative and finding inspiration in everyday life is our job. But just like a stubborn puppy, creativity isn’t something that we can always control. Some days it is easier to find that “spark” and create or improve a piece, and other days we bang our heads against […]

Finding Inspiration: Part 1

Rorschach Inkblots can be used to tell different things about you, but have you every considered where they can lead you? As artists (in whatever medium), consider how the inkblot can inspire you. Pick one or look at them as a whole (click on the image if you would like […]

Artistic Muse: Rorschach Inkblots