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Are you a painter who works with acrylic or is interested in starting? Acrylic is a paint that can be used in various ways and can help you create intriguing effects with vibrant colours. If you know how to use it right, it can provide endless inspiration for your subjects and […]

5 Books That Will Help You Improve Your Acrylic Painting

newspaper clippings
Reality is stranger than fiction. Art inspires life. If you believe either of these then newspapers are a great source of inspiration for art and creative pieces. Try this creative challenge: Create pieces inspired by newspaper clippings. Grab a newspaper – or a pile of them – and a pair of […]

Creative Challenge: Create Pieces Inspired by Newspaper Clippings

alphabetical list of colours
How many colours can you think of that start with the letter ‘A’? Try these: Alizarin Amber Apricot Aquamarine Auburn Amaranth Amethyst Aqua Asparagus Azure What colours do you come up with when you think of the letter ‘B’? Check out these: Beige Blue Bondi Blue Brown Burnt Orange Bistre […]

Alizarin to Zucchini: A Handy Alphabetical List of Colours

Bob Ross costume 2
If you’re looking for an awesome Halloween costume check out these art and artist-inspired ideas that will bring some definite style to your spooky night! From Buzzfeed Life: Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” Banksy’s “Flower Thrower” Oh, Jeff…I Love You, Too…But…, Roy Lichtenstein Van Gogh self portrait Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” […]

Art and Artist-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Sterling Ruby - Urethane Works - The Artist's Studio - MOCAtv
The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) offers an excellent ranges of videos on their YouTube channel – MOCAtv – but practicing artists and those interested in the creative process will definitely want to check out The Artist’s Studio playlist. With 35 videos that feature “films and interviews investigating and revealing […]

The Artist’s Studio: MOCAtv Offer Films and Interviews Investigating and ...

Climate change protest gives bums-up salute #PeoplesClimate #headsinsandsalute@crankycurlew — Mashable (@mashable) September 23, 2014 Twitter is a 24-hour-a-day endless stream of news, facts, and flashes of everyday life from over 274 million active users (July 2014) who tweet about anything and everything. Take a peek and let the constant collage […]

Creative Challenge: Create Pieces Inspired by Tweets

Painting takes incredible skill and patience that can sometimes lead an artist to delve too deeply into their craft alone. Try improving yourself as a painter by challenging yourself from time to time. Here are 5 easy and effective ways to challenge yourself as a painter: 1. Leave Your Likely […]

5 Easy and Effective Ways to Challenge Yourself as a ...

The Rorschach test (or ink blot test) is a psychological exercise “in which subjects’ perceptions of ink blots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both.” The test can be used to help explore a person’s personality characteristics, emotional functioning, as well as thought disorders, “especially in cases where patients are […]

Creative Challenge: Create Pieces Inspired by the Rorschach Test (Ink ...

The Group of Seven was a group of Canadian landscape painters from 1920 to 1933 and are one of Canada’s most famous collective of artists. Studying them can not only increase your familiarity with important Canadian art, it can also help you improve your own work. Try this creative challenge: […]

Creative Challenge: Create Pieces Inspired by The Group of Seven

Create your own colourful pop-art pieces by using the free and easy Andy Warhol Effect app. This app will automatically transform your pictures into the iconic pop art style of Andy Warhol’s ‘Marilyn’ paintings. Simply capture a new photo or open an existing photo and this app will generate a beautiful […]

Andy Warhol Effect App: Create Your Own Colourful Pop-Art Pieces

Happy trees, friends! There’s now a Bob Ross app free for android, iPhone, and iPads. “The Joy of Painting” app allows you to watch “Bob Ross demonstrate techniques from the Joy of Painting ®” and allows you to “have fun with some of Bob’s most quotable quotes.” Includes the bonus music […]

There’s Now a Bob Ross “The Joy of Painting” App

If you’re looking for improv games to spruce up your acting skills or are just looking for a little spontaneous performance fun, here is a rich resource for you from Improv Encyclopedia. Take a peek at Improv Encyclopedia’s games page or take a look at the list off over 500 improv games below: […]

Over 500 Improv Games from Improv Encyclopedia

If you’re looking for free pictures to use or merely a bit of creative inspiration, check out Unsplash, a website that uses Creative Commons to share work submitted by artists for subscribers to use how they wish and “do whatever you want.” With images that span every subject and style, you’ll […]

Check out Unsplash for Free Hi-resolution Photos Sent to You ...

Artists, musicians, writers, and all sorts of creative professionals can benefit from collaborating with others in or outside of their field. Here are 5 ways to know you should consider collaborating with other artists, musicians, writers, and creative professionals: 1. Big Ideas If you have ideas to explore that are […]

5 Ways to Know that You Should Consider Collaborating with ...

Trying to decide if a piece is finished can be as difficult as any other part of the creative process. Whether it’s a piece of art, music, writing, or other creative form, deciding when a piece is complete and being confident that it’s the right time to walk away can […]

When It’s Time to Walk Away: How to Know When ...

poetry handboook
Whether you’re new to poetry or an experienced writer, there are always more tips, forms, and techniques to learn as well as room to develop your style. Exploring different perspectives and opening yourself up to new ideas through poetry writing books is a great way to become a better writer. […]

5 Books to Help You Write Better Poetry

Writing poetry isn’t something that should remain for poets alone. Artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creative professionals can all benefit from penning their own poems. Here are 5 reasons why artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creative professionals should write poetry: 1. Open Your Creative Mind Inspiration, new techniques, and fresh […]

5 Reasons Why Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, and Other Creative Professionals ...

Would you like to create beautiful text, but aren’t quite a graphic designer? Then you should check out the Notegraphy app for web, Android, and Mac. Notegraphy is a new web and mobile app that turns any text into beautiful text. Now, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to […]

Notegraphy: The App That Styles Any Text [includes video]

Refining and defining your poetry is a life-long pursuit and a never-ending learning process. Actively working to improve your writing will bring you ever-closer to the kind of literary art you want to create. Here are 5 ways to improve your poetry and spark new ideas: 1. Write in Every […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Poetry and Spark New Ideas ...

Brainstorming can be one of the best ways to come up with new ideas or to find a solution for a tricky issue. Coming up with as many ideas as possible – no matter how big, little, random, or unlikely – can be the path that leads you to your […]

5 Unusual Ways Artists & Creative Professionals Can Brainstorm

Archipad is a new app that designers might want to take note of. Made for the iPad by Urban Design, the sketching app goes beyond other similar apps by being “scale aware.” Once you set the scale of your drawing sheet, the drawings will be completely scaled to the real world, even down […]

Archipad: A New iPad Sketching App for Designers