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If you’re a freelance writer or are thinking about becoming one, then you need to check out this incredibly informative infographic from Brian Scott at “How I Find Freelance Jobs” includes everything from where to search for current opportunities to how to charge for average projects and other key points. Check […]

“How I Find Freelance Jobs” Infographic: Tips and Info for ...

The term “starving artist” can be uncomfortably accurate at times — at least we know how to weather the droughts. But when things get really tough, you need to keep some basic rules in mind so you don’t cross a line you’re uncomfortable with or jeopardize your career in the […]

Creative Professional Success When Times Get Tough: 5 DOs and ...

If you’re interested in a career in the Canadian arts, The Cultural Human Resources Council has just that: resources that can help you throughout your career including their Careers in Culture section which has a range of valuable information for cultural workers in visual arts and crafts, writing and publishing, live […]

Valuable Information About Careers in Culture from the Cultural Human ...

Banff Centre
The Banff Centre is one of our country’s cultural treasures and now anyone from one side of Canada to the other – and beyond – can experience some of the amazing content coming out of the creative centre. Through audio and video podcasts available at iTunes U, the Banff Centre offers free access to lectures […]

The Banff Centre Podcasts Free on iTunes U

If you’re interested in getting your writing published or are interested in the publishing process, then check out the publication guides from The Writers’ Union of Canada that cover everything you need to know about getting your book out into the Canadian publishing world. There is a small fee for each […]

Guides to Getting Published from The Writers’ Union of Canada

Do you have trouble setting fees and prices for your art and creative services? Then check out the What Are My Services Worth – Setting Prices tip sheet from Work in Culture. The tip sheet was created by Heather Young (author of Finance for the Arts in Canada) for the workshop “How Much Am […]

What are Your Art and Creative Services Worth? Setting Prices ...

Do you have trouble keeping your creative career organized or just need a kick in the butt to get yourself going? Then try CAC’s 30 Day Creative-Career Organizational Challenge that will have you doing everything you need to get yourself sorted one step at a time. Click here to download your own […]

30 Day Creative-Career Organizational Challenge

If you’re a musician or in a band, then one of your goals should be to get noticed by the right people. Whether those people are fans, peers, labels, or anyone and everyone else, there are a few ways you can make sure that you’re noticed. Check out these 10 things […]

5 Obvious & 5 Less Obvious Things Bands / Musicians ...

Summer is a great time to seize the day and enjoy every moment of the beautiful weather and that doesn’t need to end when it comes to working on your art. Here are 5 ways that you can stimulate your art (and your art business) this summer: 1. Move Your Studio […]

5 Ways to Stimulate Your Art (and Art Business) This ...

  If you’re involved in Canadian film, television, theatre, music, or dance, then you need to know about The Actors’ Fund of Canada “which provides emergency financial aid to assist cultural workers in recovering from an illness, injury or other circumstances causing severe economic and personal hardship.” The Actors’ Fund is a registered […]

The Actors’ Fund of Canada: Emergency Financial Aid for Canadian ...

As a Canadian artist, are you sure you’re getting paid the fair amount for your work? Do you want to ensure that you’re receiving proper compensation in every appropriate circumstance? CARFAC, an organization that works to promote fair dealings with Canadian visual artists, has a resource you don’t want to miss. CARFAC’s […]

How Much Should You Be Paid for Your Art: CARFAC’s ...

From Cubism to Street Art, expensive works to the colours of the Impressionists, art-based infographics cover everything from history to techniques and beyond. Here are 7+ awesome infographics about art and artists: 1. Alfred H. Barr’s Cubism and Abstract Art Source: Fast Company 2. Daniel Feral’s History of Graffiti and Street Art […]

7+ Awesome Art Infographics

If you DON’T get nervous before an interview or audition, you are certainly a rare (and lucky!) creature. For the rest of us, the days/hours/moments before an interview or audition can be beyond nerve-wracking. Here are 7 quick tips to help you calm down before you show them what you’ve […]

7 Ways To Stay Calm Before an Interview or Audition

Are you wanting to submit your work to publishers or agents? It can be a tricky endeavour if you’re unfamiliar with the process, so we’ve laid out some advice to help improve your chances of getting your writing noticed and published. Here are 5 tips for successfully submitting your writing […]

5 Tips for Successfully Submitting Your Writing to a Publisher ...

You always need to be careful when entering your writing into a contest or any sort of submission situation. But when it comes to figuring out which contests may be scams, why not take advantage of other writers’ past experience and existing knowledge — especially when they are so willing […]

Writing Contests to Avoid

If you’re a poet or poetry-lover in Canada and active on social media, then you’ll definitely want to follow the lively community on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Here is a list of Canadian poetry accounts you should being following on Twitter and Facebook: The League of Canadian Poets Twitter: […]

Canadian Poetry Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter and Facebook

Film and movie-making is full of interesting facts and has a rich history. Creative types have put it all together in infographics and I’ve gathered a few that cover various aspects of the industry. Here are 10+ awesome infographics about films / movies: 1. I Want to Make a Movie […]

10+ Awesome Film / Movie Infographics

As an artist, you need a website that will properly reflect you as a creative professional and feature your work in the best way possible. In order to do that, artists need to include the proper elements and information on their website. And what are those? Check out below! Here are […]

5 Things Every Artist Should Include on their Website (and ...

Working from home can have many advantages, but there are also drawbacks including the possibility for endless distractions. So how do you stay focused while working from home? We have some ideas! Here are 5 things that will help you focus when you’re working from home: 1. A Dedicated Work […]

5 Things to Help You Focus When Working From Home

Creative professionals – including musicians – often process information better if it comes in visual form. If that’s the case for you, or if you just like an awesome infographic or new info, take a look below. Here are 15+ awesome infographics about music: 1. The Evolution of Music Formats Source: […]

15+ Awesome Music Infographics You Need to Check Out

There are plenty of organizations across the country willing and able to aid visual artists in every area of their creative careers. But sometimes the large number of helpful organizations can make it difficult to wade through the crowd to find the essential groups to keep an eye on. I’ve […]

6 Organizations Every Canadian Visual Artist Should Know About