Catherine Romano

  Allow me to take you on an adventure. If you happen to be a dancer, the journey may sound familiar. If you aren’t a dancer, you are in for a surprise. This is the typical day in the life of a professional female dancer (she will remain nameless, but […]

A Final Bow, Then What? A Look at The Dancer ...

  Some say that the performing arts inspire and transform the mundane to the exceptional. For me, the performing arts do all that – and more. You see, dance seems to always take me back to a specific time and place in my life. The music, movement, and narrative that […]

Harbourfront Centre’s NextSteps

A vamp, a coquette, a clown. A corset, a boa, and a little glitter.  Just a few of the elements necessary to create a spectacular burlesque number. Perhaps you read my recent article, Skin & Spectacle: T.O. Burlesque Festival Coming to Town?  The piece focuses on the upcoming Festival and […]

No Books, Just Boas: Burlesque University

While living in New York City, I went to see a show at The Slipper Room.  I was told that the show was a performance with a “few dancing girls”.  I assumed dancing girls meant ballerinas, and the name Slipper Room referred to ballet slippers.  Instead, what I saw was […]

Skin & Spectacle: T.O. Burlesque Festival Coming to Town

On Monday June 27, Toronto’s Front Street went from the usual busy traffic jam to a parade of theatre stars celebrating the 32nd Dora Mavor Moore Awards. Presented by the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA) , and named after Dora Mavor (the woman many consider to be one […]

A Night at the Doras (from an Outsider’s Perspective)

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to visit the Dance Collection Danse (DCD) exhibit, Dancing Through Time: Toronto Dance History from 1900-1980, at The Market Gallery. DCD is Canada’s national dance archives and was founded in 1986 by Lawrence and Miriam Adams (former National Ballet of Canada dancers).  The […]

Dancing in the (T.O.) Streets

  The lights in the theatre dim, musicians begin to play their instruments behind the red, velvet curtain, and the audience listens intently.  At first the tempo is slow, but soon the speed dramatically increases. The curtain rises and unveils two large, parallel film screens – one with the image […]

La La La Human Steps’ Striking New Work

  In the summer of 2004, I moved to New York City to begin graduate school. A friend invited me to a dance club called Guernica on the Lower East Side. On that particular Thursday night, the DJ played funk and soul music and a small group of male dancers […]

Funk It Up: A Look at Popping

  The twentieth anniversary of a dance company calls for a celebration, and Toronto based Kaeja d’Dance marks the occasion with 20/20 Vision, a multimedia “future-spective” of four new works (The Visitor and Quenched by Karen Kaeja; Jericho and Armour/Amour by Allen Kaeja). Tuesday’s opening night began with a welcome […]

Kaeja d’Dance Steps, Spins, and Leaps Forward