Amen Jafri

“I like stuff that’s really run down, that looks like it’s been lived in, that looks like it’s got some history to it,” said Ottawa illustrator Colin White over a cup of coffee at a local café. “These are things you don’t think of when you think of the Capital […]

Musings on Urban Design in the Capital

If you flipped through the average Ottawa tourism brochure, you would be hard-pressed to find anything mentioning the burlesque performances and poetry slams that regularly sell-out in the city. You might learn, however, that in 2010 Ottawa was named the IFEA World Festival & Event City. Ottawa takes pride in […]

Festival City

From the ages of four to 11, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I knew I had the talent for it, because my parents told everyone I did, proudly exclaiming: “she knew how to draw a perfect circle when she was only two years old!”  The […]

When I Grow Up…

The first time I visited New York City in 2008, I felt born again, seeing urbanity anew. Prior to the visit, I had scoffed at the hoopla, wondering how one city could possibly live up to such hyperbolic ravings. Arriving to the city, though, my senses were overwhelmed – the […]

Inspiration in the City

In 2009, celebrity academic Richard Florida called Ottawa the most creative city in the country. The news surprised everyone, including many Ottawans. For decades, the capital of Canada has suffered a reputation as a stuffy government town. Florida’s findings were published in a study called Ontario in the Creative Age. […]

Ottawa: Canada’s Creative Capital?