We’ve put together a list of some of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Canada Arts Connect. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to email Beth, at tech[@]canadaartsconnect.com, and she’ll be quick to help you out.

This F.A.Q. will change as functionality is added.

Getting Started

I’ve set up my account, but I can’t log in

  1. Be sure that you activated your account via the email that was sent.
  2. Be sure that you’re typing in your user name and password *exactly* as you entered it when you signed up. The sign in form is case sensitive.


I’m having trouble creating my account

If you seem to be having a hard time creating your account:

  1. You may have missed on of the “required” account details that are necessary to set up your account. Be sure that any fields marked with an asterisk (*) are completed.
  2. You may have accidentally used uppercase letters in your username. It’s easy to do, but it *will* frustrate you to no end. Be sure your username uses lowercase letters *only*.




I’ve created my account, but I haven’t received my activation email

  1. Give it a bit of time, and check again in an hour. Could be it had to take the long route.
  2. Check your junk/spam folder, to see if it was accidentally sent there.


I’m *still* having trouble accessing my account!!!

Okay…by now you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated, but never fear. There’s *always* a way to make these things work. We value your membership and we want you to have access to all the goodies Canada Arts Connect has to offer. Email Beth, (tech@canadaartsconnect.com) and we’ll get your account set up for you one way or the other.

When you email, please include the following information, to make the problem more easily traceable:

  1. The username and email address you were using to sign up to the site.
  2. The operating system, browser and device, (laptop, phone, tablet) you were using at the time.
  3. Which error message appeared (if any).

Thanks. We’ll get you set up as soon as we can.  :)


Membership Basics

Are there any “rules” for using the website?

We have a few User Terms & Guidelines that we ask all readers/members to abide by in order to create a welcoming place for our community: http://canadaartsconnect.com/user-terms/


Other Membership Features

How do I get a membership badge for my website/blog?

Email our Listings & Memberships Manager, Ryan, at RyanDH@CanadaArtsConnect.com, and he will send you the code for your membership badge. Just paste the code in the html of your website where you would like the badge to appear (please do not alter the code or image).


Your Profile

How do I upload pics, videos or links to the Activity stream?

When you are in the Activity area, use the small icons under the area where you enter your update to upload pics from your computer, or add a link to a video or link.

* The icons under the status update only update to the activity stream. To update your photo album, you need to go to the album area of your profile.


How do I access my profile?

  1. Hover your mouse over “My Account” in the admin bar at the top of the page.
  2. Scroll down to “Profile”,
  3. And Across to “Public”.


Why should I fill out my profile?

Providing lots of information on your profile will increase your visibility and make it easier for people to find you and learn about you and your interests. From here you can create friend and group connections, network and collaborate on projects.


How do I upload an avatar?

An avatar is the image associated with your username on Canada Arts Connect. By uploading an avatar, it will increase your visibility and make you recognizable on the site.

1)  Log in to Canada Arts Connect, and navigate to your “Change Avatar” area.







2)  From the Change Avatar section, use the “browse” feature to upload an image from your computer:
















3)  Once your image is uploaded, you may crop it where you’d like. The image underneath shows how your avatar looks when you’re finished cropping. When you like what you see, click “crop image”.


















4)  Ta-da!  You have a shiny new avatar!


How do I change my email notification settings?

If you find you’re getting too many site notifications, or conversely, not enough…

1)  Navigate to your profile area:








2)  Click on “Settings”








3)  From here you can choose which notifications you’d like to receive by email, and which you’d rather turn off.



















4)  Don’t forget to “Save Changes”!





How do I change my password?

1)  Navigate to your “Settings” Area

2)  Click on “General”

3)  From here, you enter your current password and address

4)  Enter your new password twice for good luck, :)

5)  Click “Save Changes”


How do I delete my account?

Beth here…webmaster and tech support for Canada Arts Connect. I feel I need to address this F.A.Q. personally. Even though it’s not actually a “Frequently” asked question. It’s more of a “Possibly Asked Question”.

I need to address this personally, because I need to make sure you’re serious. 100% serious about wanting to delete your account. Because the thing is…you have the power. Once you’ve deleted your account, it’s gone. Gone from the site, gone from our database. Gone. You can’t get it back. And worse, *I* can’t get it back for you. Honestly, I can’t. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

So make sure this is really what you want, okay?

So…to (gulp) delete your account:

1) Navigate to your settings area:






2)  Click on Delete Account









3)  Click on “I understand the consquences of deleting my account” and click “Delete my account”.

That’s all there is to it.


Members' Album

I’m getting a “Fatal Error” when I try to upload to my album

Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!  You broke the site!!!!

Nah, not really.  :)

You’re trying to upload an image that is bigger than the limits we’ve set.  Please keep your images less than 6mb, and it will work just fine.


What are the image terms and requirements?

Number:  A maximum of 15 pics can be added to your albums at one time.

Format:  All pics must be uploaded as a jpeg.

Size:  6mb

Content: Although Canada Arts Connect respects and encourages artistic expression, please do not upload any offensive content. If certain content is considered offensive by CAC, we will either ask the member to remove it or delete it ourselves.

Copyright: Copyright remains with the artist of the piece. Canada Arts Connect makes no claim to the art uploaded to its website by its members.

Permission: By uploading your art you are giving Canada Arts Connect the permission to display them in your profile album (it will also appear in the “Activity” stream when initially uploaded).

Additional terms: Please only upload your own pics or pics that you are authorized to use.


How do I create an album / add images to my album?

1)  Go to your profile area
2)  Click on the “Album” tab
3)  Click on “Upload Picture”
4)  Click “browse”, and select the image you’d like to share from your computer
5)  Choose the “Visability” for your image
6)  Click “Upload Picture”
7)  Add a title for your image
8)  Describe the image if you’d like
9)  Double check visability
10)  Enable or Disable comments from other members
11)  Save Image

And, there you have it!


What is an album?

An album is a section of your profile where you can upload and display pics of your art.


Website Membership Features

Activity Streams

By clicking on “Activity”, either in the black admin bar along the top of the site under “My Account”, or under “CAC Members Area”, you will be able to view global, personal and group activity streams within a single activity stream. Within the activity stream, you can comment on others’ updates, keep track of @mentions, and email noticfications.



User Groups

By accessing “Groups”, either under “My Account” in the black admin bar along the top, or under “CAC Membership Area”, you may send a request to join a group, or create a group designed for discussion on more specific subjects.

To join a group, simply navigate to the group you’re interested in joining, and click “request membership”. It will be up to the group admin to either accept or ignore your request.

To create a group of your own:

Click on the “Create a Group” button on the Group Directory Page. Enter the name of your group and a short  description that describes your group. Invite members from your friends list to join your group.

You have the choice of creating:

  1. A public group: which is visible in all group directories. The contents of the group – activity updates and forum post are publicly accessible. Anyone in the Canada Arts Connect community can join the group, or
  2. A private group: They’re also visible in group directories. The group name and group description remain available for all to see, however, the contents of the group are accessible only to members. As well, group membership is controlled: members of Canada Arts Connect must request membership, which can only be granted by a group administrator.



By accessing “Forum”, either under “My Account” in the black admin bar along the top, or under “CAC Membership Area”, you can start a conversation, or join one already in progress. Introduce yourself, tell other members about your current projects, and otherwise interact with other members on the site.


Friend Connections

One of the coolest features of the new Canada Arts Connect site is the ability to be able to connect with other members of Canada Arts Connect.

  1. You can view a list of other Canada Arts Connect members by scrolling over the CAC Members area in the top menu. Scroll down to “Members”, to browse other members’ profiles, send them a message or mention a member in a post. You can also narrow your search for members interested in a specific area or topic by using the search filter.
  2. From the “Members” page you can send a “friendship request” to another member by clicking the “add friend” button. That person will then receive a Friendship Request notification which they can choose to either accept or deny.
  3. You can “mention” another user in an update, either by typing @username, plus the update. That user will recieve a notification that you’ve mentioned them the next time they sign in.
  4. By clicking on a member’s name, you can also “Mention” them by clicking on “Mention This User”. That update will appear in the public activity stream.
  5. To send a private message to another member, click on their name to visit their profile, and click “Send Private Message”. They will receive notice of the message when they next log in to the site. These messages *do not* appear in the sitewide activity stream, and site admins are not able to access your private messages.


Other Website Features

How do I submit a listing?

You can find out more information about submitting a listing to CAC here: http://canadaartsconnect.com/submit-a-listing-to-cac/


How can I advertise on CAC?

You can find out more information about advertising on CAC here: http://canadaartsconnect.com/advertise/