Canada Arts Connect in 2015

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Hello, CAC friends!

So, perhaps CAC isn’t quite done yet! I had posted in January that I was closing down Canada Arts Connect, but after months of working behind the scenes to figure out if there was a way to keep it running in one form or another, I’ve decided to keep it going and will manage it one step at a time.

For now…


I’ll keep the articles available but won’t be adding new ones for the foreseeable future. If I manage to increase CAC’s revenue, then I’ll look into hiring a Managing Editor in order to run things on that side of CAC. I will continue to post articles I think would be of value to our community over our social media accounts.


I won’t be taking/posting listings here on the website but I will be posting all opportunities I come across on our social media accounts.


The website will stay here, but I’ll see about switching the layout to reflect the more active aspects of CAC at the moment. All articles and current resources on the site will remain available.


I won’t be continuing or launching any projects for the foreseeable future. Once things are rolling, perhaps I’ll see about hiring a Project Manager.


I feel like CAC is too valuable a resource and too large of an established (and awesome) community to let go of right now, but I need to manage it an a way that doesn’t overwhelm me (and still gives me time to work on my own artistic pursuits) since I’m doing this alone.

Sound good? Great! Let’s do this!