Toronto’s Bloor St. Culture Corridor Launches Mobile App

Bloor St. Culture Corridor screenshot

If you’re all about art & apps and you’re in (or visiting) Toronto then you need to check out the Bloor St. Culture Corridor mobile app.

The year-round “extraordinary wealth of cultural experiences that are so easily accessible all in one easily-walkable mile on Bloor Street West, between Bathurst and Bay Streets” are highlighted in the app with features on museums, films, art exhibitions, music concerts, culture talks, and architecture as well as offering “opportunities to experience some of Toronto’s cultural diversity,” including French, Jewish, Italian, Japanese and Aboriginal arts and culture.

Bloor St. Culture Corridor app image 1The app will make sure you get the most of your artistic experience:

The Bloor St. Culture Corridor mobile app provides access to special offers exclusive to app users, and a convenient way to easily see the richness of cultural destinations and events in the Bloor Street area of central Toronto, from The Annex through to Yorkville. The app’s social feed connects users with the latest news and announcements from the Twitter feeds of all of the arts and culture destinations on the Bloor St. Culture Corridor. Users can also browse through options for shopping, eating, and hotels on the corridor.

The Bloor St. Culture Corridor arts and culture destinations include:

You can download the free app for yourself for iPhone and android, or you can visit them online at, @bloorstculture,