Phantom v2511: The “Ultimate” (High-Speed, High-Priced) Slo-Mo Camera [includes video]


The newly released Phantom v2511 high-speed camera has “an insanely high frame rate (and price tag).” [Wired]

In the time it takes to blink, the Phantom v2511 has already captured more than 7,500 frames of video. Expand that rate to one second, and the v2511 captures 25,600 frames at a resolution of about 1 megapixel. [That’s Like, Whoa!]

Interested in picking one up? Configurations start at $150,000. If you want more details before handing over that much money then take look at what Wired has to say about the Phantom v2511.

Check out a little taste of what a Phantom camera can do in the video below:

* Source: That’s Like, Whoa!