Patterns Created by Animals in Flight Revealed in GIFs 1

patterns animals in flight 3

If you’re fascinated or inspired by the patterns found in nature then you’ll definitely want to check out these GIFs created by designer Eleanor Lutz who conveniently also has her bachelors degree in molecular biology.

To create the mesmerizing and beautiful moving images Lutz used high-speed nature footage, Photoshop, and Illustrator to map the “wingbeats” of geese, dragonflies, bats, moths, and hummingbirds.

Check them out below:

patterns animals in flight 2



* Source: io9

One thought on “Patterns Created by Animals in Flight Revealed in GIFs

  • Charles Vincent

    It’s interesting that the goose makes a shape that is lager where the air would be pushed out. All the rest of the creatures make a funnel shape that I imagine would make a jet of higher air pressure at the bottom. The larger goose must be doing something more complex. I make a lot of art with wings in it. This post was great for me! Thank you.

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