Quirky Creative Fact: Some Rainbows Only Have One Colour

red rainbow

Here’s a quirky creative fact…

Did you know that some rainbows display only one colour? There is such a thing as a monochrome rainbow where the cooler colours “drop out of the rainbow” so that only the bands of yellow, orange, and red can be seen. At times all colours can seem to disappear so that only “a bright red streak of light” is left.

The rainbow goes monochrome simply because there are no other shades of light to be had. Sunsets cast a red glow on the world because the gas in the atmosphere scatters blue light, filtering it out.

That’s not all! There are also white rainbows.

When particularly thick fog or clouds scatters light less precisely than falling rain, light can still form an arc in the sky. The colors get mixed together, and the arc shows up as a large streak of white. It’s basically a lit-up cloud.

Check out a white monochrome rainbow below:



* Source: io9

* FYI: Facts are collected from various places and CAC does its best to fact-check them all but there’s always a chance we’ve been fooled by a quirky creative faux-fact.