100 Year-Old First Electronic Synthesizer is Up for Auction


If you have a love of synthesizers or have an appreciation for old instruments then you need to check out an upcoming auction which will feature an example of the world’s first electronic synthesizer.

The wood and brass device was built by Max Kohl in around 1905 following a design by 19th century physicist Hermann Von Helmholtz. His Helmholtz Sound Synthesizer, considered to be the first electronic synthesizer, uses tuning forks controlled by electromagnets to generate tones.

According to auctioneer Bonham’s, examples of the synth are “extremely rare, with only one similar but smaller apparatus located in a US institution that we know of.” This one is particularly good quality, they add. [FACT]

The guide price of the piece will be set at $20–30,000 (US) at a New York auction scheduled for October 22nd.

* Source: Exclaim!