The Banff Centre Podcasts Free on iTunes U

Banff Centre

The Banff Centre is one of our country’s cultural treasures and now anyone from one side of Canada to the other – and beyond – can experience some of the amazing content coming out of the creative centre. Through audio and video podcasts available at iTunes U, the Banff Centre offers free access to lectures and performances of featured Banff Centre artists, speakers, faculty and students.

iTunes U allows you to use content from The Banff Centre to “add your iTunes library, copy to your MP3 player, burn to CDs and share with others.”

Listen to jazz music at the gym. Watch operatic offerings in a café. Review artist interviews on the bus. Learn leadership skills from your living room. With the launch of The Banff Centre on iTunes U, anyone with access to a Mac or PC has the capability to search, download, and play content created at the Centre like they do music, movies, and TV shows. Alumni artists are benefitting from the collaboration by having their work available online, allowing them to stay connected to their creations anytime, anywhere.

The available collection includes Banff Mountain Film Festival introductory videos, music and sound concert recordings, artist and author talks, video excerpts from theatre performances, Film & Media panel sessions, dialogue on contemporary leadership, and more.

Be sure to take a look at the available podcasts below which feature something for everyone interested in creativity in our country.

Available Podcasts:

About the Banff Centre

Banff Mountain Festival

Film and Media

Indigenous Arts

Leadership Development



Literary Arts

Music and Sound

Theatre Arts

Visual Arts