Archaeologists Have Found The “Mysterious” Dungeon Where Vlad Dracula Was Imprisoned

Tokat Castle

“Very mysterious” and “completely surrounded by secret tunnels” archaeologist Ibrahim Çetin describes the castle in which two dungeons have been found and identified as where Wallachian Prince Vlad III was held captive in the early 15th century. It was also where he was first introduced to the impaling torture which influenced his later notoriously-brutal actions and made him the inspiration for Dracula, the most famous vampire in literature.

Vlad_Tepes_002The dungeons were located in Tokat Castle in Northern Turkey, where Vlad III and his brother Radu were kept hostage by the ruling Sultan to ensure their father’s loyalty.

Several historical accounts indicate that the two boys were generally well treated and educated. However, Vlad III was also said to have been obstinate and routinely subjected to violent punishment, such as flogging. And, it was during this period that the prince first observed prisoners being executed through impalement.

Vlad III is said to have died in battle in 1476 well after establishing his reputation by “impaling and displaying 20,000 bodies” while retreating from a battle against the Turks outside the city of Targoviste, in Romania. “Upon seeing the bodies, the Turkish forces turned back to Constantinople.” Yeah, so would I! Yikes!

* Source: io9