Animating the Art of Greek Vases [Includes Videos and GIFs]


The gorgeous art covering Greek vases is well-known for its depictions of ancient life giving us a peek into how the celebrating civilization lived, played, fought, loved, and died. Now you can get an even livelier look at ancient life through animations created by Panoply.

Animator Steve K. Simons, who started experimenting with the vases in 2007, collaborates with Sonya Nevin, a research fellow at the University of Roehampton in London with a doctorate on ancient Greek warfare from University College Dublin. Through Panoply, they’ve brought chariot races, battles, and love stories to life.


The GIFs are a wonderful example of the animation but be sure to also check out the videos of all of the Greek vase animations on the Panoply site including the two below:

* Source: Hyperallergic