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The term “starving artist” can be uncomfortably accurate at times — at least we know how to weather the droughts. But when things get really tough, you need to keep some basic rules in mind so you don’t cross a line you’re uncomfortable with or jeopardize your career in the […]

Creative Professional Success When Times Get Tough: 5 DOs and ...

Tokat Castle
“Very mysterious” and “completely surrounded by secret tunnels” archaeologist Ibrahim Çetin describes the castle in which two dungeons have been found and identified as where Wallachian Prince Vlad III was held captive in the early 15th century. It was also where he was first introduced to the impaling torture which influenced […]

Archaeologists Have Found The “Mysterious” Dungeon Where Vlad Dracula Was ...

old photo of spooky houses
Check out today’s creative prompt. It can help inspire your next piece of art, writing, music, and more. Try creating a small work every day with our prompts to keep the creative juices flowing! Please be sure to share your creations (or links to where we can find/see them) in the […]

Your Daily Muse (Creative Prompt): Old Photo of Spooky Houses