Tutorial Round-Up: Creating Complex Spray-paint Stencils by Hand, DIY Pencil Clutch, Make Waves Like Hokusai

Are you looking for some fun tutorials to try out? Check out the three below that range from stationary fashion to Bansky-like stencils. Enjoy creating!

Creating Complex Spray-paint Stencils by Hand

If you’ve wondered how to create your own spray-paint stencils Bansky-style, you don’t want to miss this tutorial from Tu at Instructables.

Creating Complex Spraypaint Stencils by Hand

* Source: Instructables

DIY Pencil Clutch

Check out this amazing pencil clutch from Heidi at Hands Occupied.

Pencil Clutch

* Source: Hands Occupied

Make Waves Like Hokusai

Stephanie at Harrington Harmonies shows readers how to make waves like Hokusai in ways that everyone from children to adults can enjoy.

Make Waves Like Hokusai Tutorial

* Source: Harrington Harmonies