Tutorial Round-Up: Paint Brush and Glass Holder, DIY Spoon Ring, Fabric Covered Books

Are you in the mood to create? Then check out these three awesome tutorials that include everything from woodworking to fabric-covered literature. Enjoy!

Paint Brush and Glass Holder

If you have some simple woodworking skills, then check out this tutorial from Lowe’s on how to make a Paint Brush and Glass Holder.


* Source: Lowe’s

DIY Spoon Ring

Create your own cutlery accessory with this DIY Spoon Ring tutorial from Lots DIY.

DIY Spoon Ring Tutorial


* Source: Lots DIY

Fabric Covered Books

If you’d like to snazzy-up your favourite reads or cover your own literary creations, then don’t miss this Fabric Covered Books tutorial from two twenty one.


* Source: two twenty one