You Can Design A Shawl for Stevie Nicks and Get Paid $2,000


Stevie Nicks is well-known for her fashion including her signature shawls. Now, she is giving designers an opportunity to create one for her.

Legendary American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks invites fashion designers and stylists across the world to design a show-stopping shawl inspired by her mystical visual style and symbolic lyrics.

If your shawl is chosen, you’ll receive $2,000 and a “professional photograph of Stevie Nicks wearing the shawl will be taken…[and the] photograph and winner will receive an official feature on and across her social channels, potentially being seen by millions globally.”

“In 1968, a very handsome boy brought me a poncho from South America. I knew it was magic and that some day I would copy it in chiffon or leather or beaded material. I realized that wearing a poncho or a long shawl gave me something to work with up on the stage. Big movements, big twirls, you need to be seen from far away. So I made that a big part of my stage clothes. It became totally intertwined in my fashion style.”
– Stevie Nicks

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* Via: MAKE