What are Your Art and Creative Services Worth? Setting Prices That You’re Happy With

Dollar Bill

Do you have trouble setting fees and prices for your art and creative services? Then check out the What Are My Services Worth – Setting Prices tip sheet from Work in Culture.

The tip sheet was created by Heather Young (author of Finance for the Arts in Canada) for the workshop “How Much Am I Worth? How Much Do I Charge? – The Secrets of Pricing and Negotiating”, originally presented in 2006.  

Artists and arts organizations need to set prices for tangible goods (e.g. works of art, CDs, publications) and for services (e.g. admissions, registration fees). The considerations for goods vs. services are rather different – as are the circumstances of individuals and organizations.

From value to market, environment to discounts, the tip sheet will help you set prices that will leave you confident in what you’re asking for and satisfied with what you get.

Download your own copy of Tip Sheet: What Are My Services Worth – Setting Prices.