How Much Should You Be Paid for Your Art: CARFAC’s Minimum Fee Schedule for Artists 3

Photo-Courtesy-of-Terrance-LamAs a Canadian artist, are you sure you’re getting paid the fair amount for your work?

Do you want to ensure that you’re receiving proper compensation in every appropriate circumstance?

CARFAC, an organization that works to promote fair dealings with Canadian visual artists, has a resource you don’t want to miss. CARFAC’s Minimum Fee Schedule has the vital information you need.

The CARFAC minimum fee schedule is sort of like a minimum wage for artists. It sets minimum recommended rates for the use of artwork and certain services that visual artists provide.

Widely recognized as the national standard, rates are all recommendations. That said, many arts councils require that public galleries pay artist’s fees as a condition of their funding. And artists have rights that help them to get paid.

The information provided can help you ensure you are paid in all circumstances, even ones where you may not be aware you should rightfully be receiving payment.

For example, did you know that when your work is exhibited and it’s not for sale, you are supposed to be paid? Unless you have signed over the copyright, no one can exhibit or copy your work without your permission. This is your negotiating trump card – you can always walk away if you don’t like the conditions under which you are being asked to work.

Keep in mind:

It’s also important to note that all rates are minimums – CARFAC encourages artists to ask for more.

Find out more about the Minimum Fee Schedule or get more help on CARFAC’s website at

Do you have any thoughts on how much to ask for your art? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Photo Courtesy of Terrance Lam via CARFAC.

3 thoughts on “How Much Should You Be Paid for Your Art: CARFAC’s Minimum Fee Schedule for Artists

  • arlee barr

    The exhibition fee schedule there is confusing–with no decimals am i to assume where the dot is and guess the amount???? ie Exhibiting Institution Categories
    Solo 13166–is that 1,316.60 or 131.66 or gawd forfend i should be so lucky 13,166?????

  • Gordon Foster

    I was asked by a friend to ‘volunteer’ onstage for over thirty hours for Luminato this week in a performance at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, tickets to which sell for $35.00. I have a BFA in visual arts and years of experience. How much am I entitled to be paid for such participation? I am sure my image would be captured in any documentation of the work at that site.

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