7 Ways To Stay Calm Before an Interview or Audition

Keep Calm And

If you DON’T get nervous before an interview or audition, you are certainly a rare (and lucky!) creature. For the rest of us, the days/hours/moments before an interview or audition can be beyond nerve-wracking.

Here are 7 quick tips to help you calm down before you show them what you’ve got:

1. Concentrate on Your Breathing

This may seem like a simple and obvious one, but it’s a great way to center yourself and relax. Close your eyes if you need to and just focus on slowing down your breathing.

2. Bring Something to Read

The moments before the interview/audition will be less stressful if you can take your mind off of it before-hand.

3. Text/Call a Friend

Do you have a super-supportive friend or family member? Give them a quick text or call when you’re having trouble calming down and rely on them to reassure you and remind you of how awesome you are!

4. Think of Something Silly

What is the funniest joke you’ve ever heard? When was the last time you really belly-laughed and why was that? Conjure up a funny or silly memory or thought to take your mind off of your nervousness, relieve some stress, and put a smile on your face.

5. Tea or Coffee

I’m a firm believer in the calming-power of tea. Or if you prefer a blast of energy, grab a coffee — just be sure not to have too much or you’ll give yourself the jitters.

6. Do Some Last Minute Prep

Do you have all of your answers ready? Do you have your lines burned on your brain? Go over them one last time to feel confident in that fact that you can cover anything they’ll throw at you.

7. Remind Yourself of Your Talent/Expertise/Skill! 

You wouldn’t be there if your possible new employer hadn’t already seen potential in your resume and former work. Have confidence in your ability to fill the role and that will shine through.

Do you have any tips for calming down before an interview or audition? We’d love to here in the comments below!

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