7+ Awesome Art Infographics

From Cubism to Street Art, expensive works to the colours of the Impressionists, art-based infographics cover everything from history to techniques and beyond.

Here are 7+ awesome infographics about art and artists:

1. Alfred H. Barr’s Cubism and Abstract Art

Cubism and Abstract Art

Source: Fast Company

2. Daniel Feral’s History of Graffiti and Street Art

Graffiti and Street Art

Source: Fast Company

3. The Colours of the Impressionists

The Colors of the Impressionists

Source:  Knight Moves Blog

4. The Psychology of Colour

The Psychology of Color

Source:  Daily Inspiration

5. Elements of Design

Elements of Design

Source:  Daily Inspiration

6. Visualized Lives of Ten Famous Painters

Visualising Painters' Lives

Source:  Brainpickings

7. The Most Expensive Pieces of Art


Source:  PrinterInks

Do you know of other awesome art infographics? Leave them (or a link to them) in the comments below!