This is What Music Looks Like on Fire [includes video]

Pyro Board

Pyro Board

We’ve all heard the expression “being on fire” when things are hitting their intensity — but, dudes, this music really IS on fire!

This awesome experiment by the scientists behind Fysikshow creates a great spectacle – and they even learn a little something new while filming.

It’s called a Pyro Board, and not to get too sciencey, but it’s basically a bunch of Bunsen burners hooked up to a series of tubes, and when you play music through it, it results in a sound wave pattern made entirely of flames. [CBC Music]

If that sounds a little dry and uninteresting, try this:

The video below shows a Pyro Board invented by Danish scientists and consisting of 2,500 holes. That means 2,500 geysers of flame reacting to the music played through the tube, which is as impressive as it sounds.

You have to check it out in the video below! Be sure to watch until the end – it’s worth it to check out the song’s beats flaming out of that thing!

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