5 Tips for Successfully Submitting Your Writing to a Publisher or Agent

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Are you wanting to submit your work to publishers or agents? It can be a tricky endeavour if you’re unfamiliar with the process, so we’ve laid out some advice to help improve your chances of getting your writing noticed and published.

Here are 5 tips for successfully submitting your writing to a publisher or agent:

1. Follow the Submission Guidelines…Exactly!

The first may seem obvious, but from what I’ve heard (and experienced through CAC submissions) quite a few people simply don’t follow submission guidelines. This can get your submission tossed right in the trash without a glance.

2. Only Submit What Genre the Publisher/Agent Wants to See

Be sure to only submit the type of writing that the publisher or agent works with and is looking for. Figure out exactly what genres publishers/agents focus on as well as what they’re currently looking for. If you send a publisher writing outside of what they’re asking for, then you’re just wasting your time and their’s.

3. Only Submit Your Best Work

If your work is not done or is not fully edited, then don’t submit it. Write it, finish it, edit it, edit it again, have someone else edit it, and only once it’s in its fully completed and best state should you consider sending it to a publisher or agent.

4. Write a Persuasive Pitch

Take the number of submissions you think a publisher and agent get each year…then multiply it by, oh say, 10 (at least). Among all of this, you need to make your submission stand out with a persuasive pitch. Whether it’s through your query email, your bio and credits, your elevator pitch, or the first few pages of your manuscripts, you need to convince a publisher that they have to publish your book. 

If you need help and examples, check out the back cover of your favourite books and see how they attempt to draw readers in. Do the same for publishers and agents. 

5. Keep Records

You’ll definitely turn agents and publishers off if you’re submitting to them too much or the same work. Some agents and publishers also only accept work that is not under consideration anywhere else, so you want to be sure not to submit your work to two places when you should have stuck to one.

Make sure to keep detailed records with the publishers/agents names, the date you submitted, what you submitted, and any other relevant information. Keep your records up-to-date and refer to them before each new submission to double-check 

Do you have any tips or advice for successfully submitting your work to a publisher? Please leave them in the comments below!

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